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Child Soldiers: The Lions Of The Lambs...

"Their Tears are often forgotten,
Their cries are often unheard,
They bleed in the name of freedom,
But freedom never comes.... "

Surin -2011-

Tributing this post for those child warriors who are the pawns of the greedy King. Like a chest game, their sacrifice is plenty and the least heard. Their life worth nothing but mere dollars. Their pain is shared by no tears.

To hold a firearm, at the tender age where an ordinary child would be holding an action figure, his life was taken away from, snatched with no choice but survival as his price. His mother looks at him in tears, as the men drag him out to the open. She knows its the last time she is about to see him. Her son is about to disappear in front of her own eyes. She shouts and cries to stop. Begs the soldiers to let him go. They pay no attention to her. The neighborhood surrounds and watches. There is no one brave enough to help. They know they stand no chance. Besides, it was no first time such a sad sight hits their place. Many of their sons are taken away as the same way he is about to taken. Most of their sons were never seen again, and those who are still alive are cursed with bloody sins that no blessing can wash away.

They choose a old man, and drag him towards the boy. The throw the man to the ground and gave him a gun. They shout at him to shoot the old man and threatened to kill his family if don't. The boy looks at the old man. There was fear in both of their eyes, both to survive. The soldiers keep shouting and continue the threat. The whole situation was at in the mercy of none. Guns and bullets everywhere. Death seemed to be the only answer. The boy closes his eyes, and points the AK-47 rifle towards the old man. The old man was in silence. He knows his life is almost over. Hiding his fear, he prays to god, hoping a miracle.

A sudden silence hits, and the old man was dead. The boy have now made his first murder at the age of 8. The soldiers board him to their jeep. And drive off.

From that day, he is no more of human. Not like you and me. No ambition, No purpose, No peace. Only blood, sins and crimes for a leader who cares no penny for him. Like an animal he rapes any women he prefers, he kills those who stand his way, he takes what he needs. Sounds fun in literal, but he knows nothing but that. The friendly cherished boy he used to was just an history. He now lives his life sinning for others. He has friends, who are just like him. Whose tears will cry for them? No one can tell. Their life is nothing but forgotten.

*This is purely fiction and intended to no specific person. 



It is always there with you. The feeling that drives us to edge of life. The feeling that drove us to live. Never disappearing. Only could be calmed. Worse than pain, deadlier than poison, its the fundamental need of all living forms.

Whatever it may be,

A plant,
An animal,
An insect,
A human

Why am I writing this? I don't know. I just felt like it. I can sit here and munch on McDeluxe and pretend everything is okay. But its not. Life is not that simple. I am not that ignorant. Why am I blessed with this food? Is it because my ancestors made a right decision to immigrate? Is it because my earns well enough to afford my allowance? Is it because god have his mercy on me? It may be cause all of them.
I always wonder, why some arent as lucky as me? Why are they not as blessed? Could not afford? If the whole world have mercy, not only a country, but A whole continent can be fed. But why don't they? Yes, they too seem to hunger. Not for food, but for wealth, for leisure, for entertainment, for ignorance.
All their hunger chose to avoid the responsibility. A responsibility to be a human.
Life yes, may not be simple... but it is not that complicated. We dont thrive to survive, we are thriving to live. So what about those who just want to survive? Why not we grab them away from hell they are in.

 They dont desire taste, they dont demand fine dining... They just desire food. Did god did this to them? God did nothing. We did this. We did all of what it is right now. So why not? Why not change it?

A man is not meisured by his car, condo or cash. He is measured by his heart. He is measured by his care. No matter who you are, on with a caring heart, you can be a "someone".

What did he do? To deserve a cruel fate? Just a mere child. 

Is leisure that important that humanity to be forgotten? Is the need to command and conquer necessary when there are victims of lives?

We only seem to care when someone asked too, and look at the television and feel pity for what we see... but how many take action to make a change? 


Why are we here?