Hauntings- The Housemate

This story was told by Victor to me passed from several other friends. I believe it is one of the spookiest one can encounter with the undead.
It happened here in Kampar, in Westlake houses, so residents in Westlake, sorry to scare you.
There was this girl who needs her housemate to accompany whenever she needs to washroom in the night, and she lived in the ground floor. Ground floor rooms have their washroom outside of the rooms.
During the exam season last semester, the housemate happened to have finish his exam earlier then her and went back home. Being a habit to her, she forgot he went home and knocked on his door asking him to accompany her. He did appear and did accompany her.
Half way in the washroom she realized the real housemate have went back home and the one standing outside was not him. She was scared out of soul and didn’t know what to do. She told “him” it’s okay and he could go back to his room.
“He” answered her back saying he can wait, and then asked her whether she already know that she already know who he really is. What happened to her after that, I didn’t know.
I put myself in her place and told Victor, if I was her, I would’ve wasted my time until morning before I go out of the washroom.
“Sweat, ghosts don’t need doors stupid!” he answered.


Hauntings- whispers

This is one of my personal encounters that I find quite disturbing. It happened during my early form six. During my spm break while waiting for my stpm intake after my PLKN I got nothing much to do except loiter,read, and play. My parents didnt really allow me to find a job because they were afraid it may distract me away from study. So with 12 hours of free time daily I got into many stuff.
I was always fascinated with all the supernatural stuff after the certain moment where I had lots of weird encounters. So during my free times I googled for more infos on them and even bought books about them. I began reading all these and was really into it. During these time was also when I was listening to rock metal bands and I was fascinated by their lyrics a lot. One thing most rock bands, cults and cultures have common was Satanism, which I was attracted to most.
I began to get involved deeply into Satanism culture and I was really admiring it. The logos, the cults and all...
After few months of really gotten bad. I began to carve pentagrams every where and without me realizing.... plus I was having so much pleasure doing it. I began to admire blood, watch gore stuff which weren't my favorite at all. But thats not yt scary. For few nights when I go to bed, I hear whispers in my ear. Of an elderly man, but talking in language I dont know but then I seemed to be able to understand him. The whisper was close to my ear, but yet far from me. I couldnt sleep, for few nights as these whispers kept on disturbing me. The voice chanted, and spoke, and was very addictive. It was asking me to come with him.
Somehow after knowing things are getting bad, I avoided all the stuff I was doing. I try to gain control and slowly stopped. And after I thought bout it... wat was it? for those who read supernatural stories and encounters and well aware of satanism may know wat it was.
When all things seem to have stopped, last year the whispers were heard again. This time a little girl, crying and asking for help. She was also talking in a strange language that I seemed to understand. This was only for a night but still as creepy.


Hauntings- By coincidence?

After request by many many friends I've decided to write my blogs bout all the unnatural things that have happened to me and my friends which some are hard to explain. For the start I am not starting with a ghost story. But my own experience which I cant believe I lived through.
My teenage years when I was 12 to 15 was tough. A mentally abused child. As I can remember we were a happy family, although my dad was strict with me on studies, he loved me dearly and my siblings as well. Mum is no exception. But the death of my beloved uncle have brought lot of problem between my parents. I'm not keen on explaining why. My parents treated us well, but they were enemies to each other. Everyday they fight and quarrel and most times its physical.
Imagine, to see your beloved ones fighting everyday continuously, living in hatred for nearly three years. During their fights, my little siblings keep crying and shouting begging them to stop. They rarely did. I never had a peaceful rest, peaceful dinner, peaceful sleep.
For a kid to take that mush of mental torture everyday, I felt only death was my peace and only way to make them stop. So tried, to commit myself to eternal sleep. I attempted to kill myself in many ways. I've tried rat poisons, Aerosols and bug sprays. The only thing I had was a bad stomachache. They didn't kill me. I didn't know why.
I tried to hang myself, but halfway through fear hit me and I manage to break free. I found pleasure doing mischievous. I found pleasure through pain. Hit myself with hard stuff, stapled myself and cut myself. I even through myself towards a speeding van, flew few meters and landed unscratched, only a small headache. All these as if I couldn't kill myself.
During my 14th Birthday my parents ended up in a quarrel again over who is celebrating it. My siblings crying and I can't find peace even on that special day. So I left. Cycled alone in midnight while they were busy fighting. I saw the cemetery, very peaceful. Nothing was there. I stopped and sat on one of the tomb and cried myself out. Even the moon looked calming that night.
After a while I stood up and cycled back, to my uncles place and told them what happened. My uncle brought me back. My parents seemed to have realized I was missing only by the time I reach there.
But this day changed it all. Ever since then my parents stopped, and only had small quarrels. We were back being the happy family we were. Now I realize, I was kept alive for reason. I was lucky I didn't fade away then. Now, everyday to me is a opportunity to take and live it through. I never feared death, because I've faced it and lived. I want to live until my life fades.
But what saved me those days? Why didn't I end up like many others? Even until now, I've had those experience. I've been street user for a long time and many times I have seen deadly situations coming towards me, but always I manage to dodge and avoid them as a quick reflex. Never once I've met in accidents. I've even drowned but managed to be saved. Help comes in whatever forms whenever I'm in this situations.
How is this possible? Just a coincidence to be able to avoid deadly situations all these years? Why am I so lucky compared to most others? Or is it not luck but destiny? Or am I being protected by someone who walks as my shadow?


A special wish to a special person

Today you turn 20... congratulations gal... Happy Bday, may you have the best of life. A few month ago, I wanted to make this day memorable to u. Too bad couldn't make it. The things that screwed up the happy moments we had, made me think I should not. Its in the past and I'm still stuck in regret. Moving on but your always in my head. Your special to me. More then the other girls that have shadowed passed me. I dunno why. But its just me. Just how it is you. I see you happy now, and Im very much happy to see that way. Always hope that the smile in your face will last long and forever. Just want to say, although it may seem like I'm avoiding or ignoring you, I am not doing it on purpose. Im sorry. Im not prepared. Im very afraid, To hurt you again. Just want you to know that I am always there for you, just like I was when I spent my first few months with you...


Rest In Peace...

sorry for the long, long, looooooong lost me... 12 000 hits?? wao... didnt know I had dat much readers... or was it silap tekan? lol....sorry er... I was kinda busy with no PC.... all apologies coz my laptop was stolen 4m my room when I was sleeping... yes, while I was sleeping.... I was damn tired dat day, havent slept for 2 days n juz came back 4m jogging wif mira... 3 am... n I did my presentation slides, watched a movie n b4 I knew it, it was 7am... so I woke Ramesh up, n i went to sit on my bed... sit changed to sleep... next thing I know, I woke up seeing my door was open... I wanted to check d time, so tried to reach for my hp... couldnt find it so I tried pulling d charger cable, only d cable came... no hp! so I searched my whole room n still couldnt find it... then I tried calling d fellow, no line... so I know wat hapened... I wanted to online on msn n ask my for frens to be beware of my number... only to see my table was empty... no notebook... only d cooler was ther! I felt like running around shouting around my room! Navin,Vishnu n Ramesh help me lodge a police report... I called my dad n told him nout it... he was cool... but my mum nagged n shouted as if I asked d thief to rob me... zzzzzz.... Dad got me a really good pc... hehe... thx DAD LUV YA....

Btw... as for a start again, I send my condolence for my fellow uni mates who were victims of drowning.... one of the worst way to die, as I could imagine... I 1st heard the news around 7:40 from my dad, and I read it in the news... turns out one of the victim was a fren of my good fren's gf... the stupidest thing I could do was to greet her with a hellow, even after knowing she grieving over the fren's death... whack me pls... my reflex are always faster then my brain.... The news was hot yesterday morning, with James having fan sites and memorial gathering was held at basketball court last nite... Although I didnt know d victims personally, I joined in, lighted candles for them and sent my prayers...wishing they will find peace... death is a certain in this cycle of life, everyone of us face it... and it reminds the others how precious life is to others. I know it better, facing it more often then you can imagine. Sad that they have come to theirs tragically and more soon than us... but if it is wat it is destined to be, then none could change... thats wat I believe....

The News:

Bodies Of Three UTAR Students Who Drowned At Kampar Waterfall Found

KAMPAR, Nov 2 (Bernama) -- The bodies of three Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) students, who had drowned at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall, here, were found late Sunday night.

Kampar district police chief Supt Abdul Aziz Salleh said the victims in the 5.30pm incident were male students Yew Ghim Chnieh and James Wan Kai Khor, both aged 20 and from Penang, and female student Yew Shy Gin, 21, from Sungai Petani Kedah.

Yew Shy Gin's body was found at 11.10pm, and the other two bodies, at 10.20pm and about midnight.

The first body was found about 300 metres from the spot where they were last seen and the second and third bodies were discovered not far from where the first body was found. All the three bodies were sent to the Kampar District Hospital.

However, another student who was also swept by the strong current, managed to swim to safety.

Abdul Aziz said a search and rescue operation following information received was immediately mounted by the police with the help of a fire and rescue team and villagers.

The incessant rain, the swift current and darkness had hampered the search operation.

A witness, Syed Sarudin Syed Shamsuddin, 41, said the incident happened after heavy rain at the waterfall area.

"My three children and I had sought shelter at a hut on the river bank while the three victims and others continued swimming in the river.

"The water level rose slowly before I heard a loud gush of water pounding on the rocks and saw four people being swept away by the swift current," he recalled.

A villager, Razali Abdullah, 32, said he was nearby at the time but could not help the victims as the current was very swift.

"I heard cries for help and saw three people struggling in the swift-flowing water," he said.

According to Razali, the UTAR students and others seen picnicking there about 3pm were advised by the local residents to go home as the waterfall could be dangerous during the rainy season.

Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and state executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon visited the scene of the incident Sunday night.

Dr Mah said the 22-year-old second-year accounting student from Kuala Lumpur who survived the incident only had minor injuries.

The incident happened a week after three primary schoolchildren drowned in the Kampar River when the suspension bridge they were walking on with several other pupils collapsed.


weird, to think of it, that they can go to waterfall during rainy season, and ignore the advice of the locals... haiz... they didnt realise wat was ahead of them and it is too late to regret. I feel sorry for them, and their parents,realtives and friends. And come to think anything can happen anytime to anyone of us.... so let us cherish the life we have now, every second so to never regret when we let our last breath...


Back home n back here again!

One plus day trip to home juz for fun, n coz dad misses me so much... pretty nuts. Didnt feel like going home at all! But it was a worthwhile trip though. I'm sitting on d train ride back to kampar now, writing this on my microsoft mobileword...I was photoshopping with my notebook juz a while ago but she died from full life to none at all juz within few minutes! WTF? So boredom led me to this... cz I cant fall asleep no matter how hard I try. I took a bus back home on saturday morning. Imagine my surprise when I knew Zhi Wey was going back too... I wished hard for it to be the same ride back, and it was! "happy" Navin sent me off at 11.20 after having breakfast, n z.wey was there a while later. D ride back home was nice... She asked about all d stuff happening to me, n I told her all, didnt hesitate. We chatted, camwhored, slept, listened to music till we reached penang. She was freezing all d way, luckily I brought in my coat (Lucky Coat!) n I let her have it.... but she stained it with twisties... Luckily it was her... On my ride to Butterworth I was surrounded by 3 hot white chicks! Dey were pretty, but super tall! n huge! I accidently (seriously, it wasnt on purpose!) one of them, n she almost (unluckily) fell on me... Once again god shows d world is small... I met ari at butterworth bus station. But couldnt really chat coz I was in a hurry to take a ride back to SP.Sorry man! Back home, I was freakin hungry, N luckily mum made cucur cempedak... my fav! After I watched transformers with D.kay Dad brought to seafood dinner... family time. I tried doing my movie poster after heading back, but ran out of ideas, so went to bed. Woke up pretty late d next day.... n had mum'm mutton curry as breakfast before getting back to designing d movie poster again. But then, I went blank... I was so pissed at myself, I rolled on d floor till I fell asleep... woke up still pissed, so I needed a cure. SHOPPING! Called D.Kay n Cousin Shamini n My stupid sis along, but then they both went "If she goes I go." so I said, U both no need go, I go... So off I went to village mall with D.kay which happens to have a PC fair, knowing Im loaded dz month... (Jia Ling was at PC fair too in Kay Hell! N both of us actually bought d same type of stuff!hw cute!) I bought a 500 gb HD n a 2 gb Pendrive, burning RM 320 in my pocket, plus a dress n a present for my WASTE-BRO'S-CASH siblings adding another RM 100. I juz realised my HD was china made! damn! better keep d old one as backup... cant trust china mades! As soon as I went back, I packed up n had a light dinner. Dad drove me to butterworth at 7.30pm. On d way he told me he was planning on to build a family bungalow which was to start this year or next. We will meet up with the architect during my sem break... I am freakin happy! Cant wait for the sem to end... but then when it does, I cant see Jia Ling d. T.T She is on d way back to kampar now too... wish her a safe journey back. Z.Wey will be back 2mr... she was attending her father's prayers. I'm sorry I couldnt confide u sooner, Im also sorry I couldnt spend more time with u dz sem, most of all I am terribly sorry I forgot ur bday! I cant believe I did! I duno how!SORRY! Feel so guilty! AAARGH... Must've been coz I lost my hp earlier... N PLEASE STOP reminding me bout dat coz I feel like an asshole everytime U do!I promise I wont forget next year... Forgive me K! I knw u will coz u sayang me... WAIT! I dun recall u wishing mine last year!Did u? Ouch.... typing in keypad is freaking tiring... n d guy seated few seats next to me is freakin stiff! hahaha....


All this voices inside my head!

Do you know when yesterday when I was having dinner with Ramesh and happen to meet you I was actually talking about how much I love you and how confused I am not to know what to do?... May be showing you was god's way for asking me not to give up yet...Although many times you're asking me to forget you, many times you're asking me to not to love you, many times you have told me you don't love me and your feeling could never change, I cant stop but to believe in all the little voices in my head. Though sad, sometimes I feel like I should, but I couldn't let go. My heart is asking me to keep loving you, and I will do so. I have decided. Its too soon to give up. Not Yet Dar Ling. I am trying to keep myself away and think, and decide for the few days to come, on what I should do... so forgive me if I couldn't be with you as I did before. But trust me, I will be back with the same love I have for you... Although u don't love me, that doesn't matter.... I will keep loving you. Although I had let go the few others for you, I haven't regret it... You know why? Cause I believe you are the one and not them. Cause my heart tells me that one day you will change your mind... all I have to do is keep loving you until you do... all I have to do is wait for that day...
Why do I love you so much? I don't know... I just want to hear your voice, feel your touch and look into your eyes as long as I could...
Why am I so stubborn? It might be because the little hopes you gave me made me believe there is and will be a chance for me to be with you...
Why cant I stop? I don't know... I seriously don't!
I may sound like an idiot. I may sound annoying... I may have upset you now and many times before... I am so sorry my dear...
If there is one thing Kamina had taught me is to Never give up... To Hold the Blazing Sun and to Open A pathway for my dreams I can walk upon... He is rght... nothing is impossible... so is me and you being together... Hopefully one day, we will be holding hands and laugh at this, hopefully it does happen... I know it will. I believe in myself... although its gonna be a painful process for me, I wont give up. Because I love you... and only you. It doesn't matter if u read this or not, because I know by now you already know how I feel towards you... I just want to wait until you to feel the same for me... Which I believe will happen by time...


Killing me Softly...

I really dont know wat to do... wether to face the fact or... keep trying. The stuff you told me just now, killed me softly. I cant stop now, although u want me to. Im so sorry for being annoying. Thats wat you said. And when you told me that I felt like bashing my head on the wall... What have I done? I've finally earned your trust, but failed to earn your love. Feel like a clown who is being stomped by his own elephant... circus of love... in which mine has no end.

Missing you....

eh dont

no "donts"
cant stop

i told you before ad
i dont love you
so dont miss me
you'll hurt yourself

I dont believe u dont love me at all
I thnk u juz dun trust me

then you should believe it
it's not about trust
nothing to do with trust
i do trust you
but i dont love you

dat day u told me u dun trust me... now ur telling me u dun love me but u trust me... argh

i dont trust you about what

last time u said "I still dont trust you"

i didnt trust you about you loving me
but now i can see that it's quite true
but still i dont love you

thanks for the trust...

i'm sorry

but I still cant belive u dun love me at all

you used to be fun to chat with
but now
there's like nothing to talk about
i dont like chatting with you anymore, it's not fun anymore

(Diz is d part dat got me lifeless... I am so sorry)

wat did i do wrong?

sorry, i'm just saying what i feel

its okay

i dont know
what we used to chat was fun

please tell where am i making u uncomfortable

but now it's just boring and annoying
i dont know


no i'm sorry

I duno
since when did you feel like dz?

since i got my internet connection back i guess
since you thought that i love you
but i really dont
i like just as a friend only
like you*

dats why u find annoying?


so sorry

it's ok

becoz I felt like u unconciously love me...

i'm sorry too
i just want to make this clear
coz i dont want you to go too deep
creating a false feeling

u did held my hands... and also leaned on my shoulders... sent me all d wrong messages

i'm sorry

I dont think I can stop loving....
sorry to say that...

just dont think about it too much
it will fade away
i'm sorry you have to meet me, i'm sorry i'm hurting you
i feel so bad

hey... stop
I love you... never felt your hurting me
Now I am angry at myslef


to think that I annoyed u

you'll make me feel worse
so dont feel angry at yourself

Im so sorry...

it's ok

I may sound stupid saying dz again but I love you a lot... not gona fade for a long time...

thank you
but i'm sorry
i cant return your love

i will juz hope your feelings towards can change by time... if mine didnt
n try to be your best fren
btw pls dun feel sad or angry
Im happy dat I met u

nah i'm not sad or angry
i'm glad to get to know you too

N thanks lot telling me about me being annoying
now I can change
N u knw wat? I actually managed to annoy someone other then my mum
n sister

thanks a lot

for being annoying?

She says:
haha jk

Someone please tell me... what aM I doing wrong? (beside posting our conversation)... I want her so bad... there is no way I am letting go so fast... and I dont want to hurt her doing this... I need her...


Meeting Lionel at Old Town

What are the odds to meet Lionel Keith at old town kopitiam during a ride with Nam Yee, and Venz to pick Navin from Medan Gopeng after his sad trip from KLIA? Good bye Kay! I miss you too! Comeback soon. Poor depressed Navin wanted laksa at 1am and the only place that could probably have it at that time is Old Town. We wanted sit outdoors in the ground floor but the smell of drainage left us running to upstairs. That is where we saw Lionel, our CE lecturer and my current EMC lecturer dressed like a ah pek and also sitting like one with a friend. Man, was he shocked to see us. Hahaha. Ok… here are some secret snapshots caught by Venz on Lionel! Hopefully it don't affect my grades... hahaha

LOGITECH R-20 and Apple Green EP-8… new babes in the house!

It started out a normal dinner between me and Stippie. Suddenly I felt like shopping and asked Stippie wether he wanted to follow me go Tesco, the only fantastic, huge pretty aad complete shopping mall you can find in Kampar.(Yes, I am Lying) And you know what? You find the world is really small because everytime you go there you will surely bump into your friends! FANTASTICO! Ok. Back to story… So me and Stippie went shopping at the only shopping complex in Kampar. After a strole, I asked the electrical department about my camera… I gave it t repair after Sheng Wang broke it. It was still not repaired! They haven’t even sent it to repair yet for god’s sake! I was freaking pissed off! Now got to go back to Tesco tomorrow to screw the other idiot who was responsible for it… Stippie shopped for titbits and I ended up buyin nothing from there. I went take a look at some speakers and tech gadgets and Tech-shop and found two things I was looking for! Plug-In earphones! And and affordable audio system! Logitech R-20!

The Earphone:

Apple green EP-8

This baby comes in many colors, but I chose white coz it is my favorite color! Apple Green is only RM 15, the cheapest plug- in earphones I can find! The quality is not bad. Although the sound is a bit sharp and not as accurate as my ex… Sony… Lol. Of course it won’t be as good as her…The length of the earphone is around 1.25cm… More then enough for me. Though the sound is little bit strange, it’s really loud and gives an almost equal amount of head banging my Sony Ericson plug- in gave me! Plus its 60 bucks cheaper! Wohooo!

She dun really fit with my MP4... but who cares?

Logitech R-20

Of course I didn’t expect much from this baby. She was affordable so surely not going to produce the best sound quality. Although she is not Altec Lansing or Sonic Gear, she was Logitech! Not bad! I couldn’t wait to get her home, strip her out clean, sit her on my table, plug her in, and bang loud music out of her… Hahaha.
The 1st song to play was from my all time favorite band- HIM : Passion Killing Floor! You could hear this song in transformers as it was on of the background music. From then till now I’m still banging all my favorite songs with her. The sound quality is not bad, but its not loud! “sad” Logitech R-20 is not too loud and not too soft. She comes with a manual book, a paper asking me/us “what do you thin?” and a warranty card… She don’t use U.S.B but uses an adapter, good for me because I’m out of U.S.B ports! Kinda fine with me. The sad part is you can’t control the bass. Its kinda soft! Where’s the fun in that? Haiz. Like I said, she only cost me RM 89… half the price of an Altec Lansing. Its nice to hear rock songs from her rather then RnB…As long as she can make some noise, she is worth banging… XD

Alright, her specs:

Total RMS power: 12 W RMS
Subwoofer : 6 W RMS
Speakers : 6 W RMS (3 W x 2)
Total peak power : 24 W
Frequency Response : 40 Hz- 20kHz
Speaker : 5 cm high excursion driver
Subwoofer : 10.2 cm high excursion driver
Speaker : 19.7cm x 7.6cm x 7.6cm
Subwoofer : 19.1cm x 14cm
Signal-to-noise ratio : > 70 db

She comes with:
2 satellite speakers
1 subwoofer
Audio cables
2 year manufacturer guarantee
1 year Tech shop guarantee
User’s guide
Some cardboards
One useless sheet of paper that says: what do you think?

The baby freshly out of the box ^^

All set and ready to blast!


You are always in my heart....

The Night of July 18, 2009 and Morning of July 19, 2009 was the one the happiest moment in my life. No. It is the happiest moment in my life. I feel like I can go like this forever just with you, and nobody else. Though we are still far apart, you are always in my heart. The moment you spent with me, felt like stepping the doors of heaven. I could not experience anything more as pleasant as that. Holding your hands, and you slightly leaning on my shoulders while your hair kept brushing my face, and deeply mesmerized by your eyes, I want that to be forever. I came back sleepy, but when I slept beside you, I didn’t want to close my eyes. I didn’t want miss the sight of you, sleeping soundly like a baby. I admired that deeply until the passing hours felt only like minutes to me. I want nothing else, but this feeling that only u can give me. I love you so much, though I can’t really explain it to you. When you told me you still don’t trust whether my love is true, I felt like being pierced by thousands of needles. But it’s all right, because my love is true and I will hold on to it until you understand me. Looking at you sleeping made me want to hug you, hold you tightly in my arms and to squeeze you, give you peck on your cheek. I couldn’t. Because I wont do that without earning your trust and love towards me. I will wait for that, It doesn’t matter how long it is about to take, I will not give up. I love you...


Muay Thai and TKD> Dream...Idol... Goal

The Dream:
The dream to be a profesional martial artist didnt start since I ws a kid. It just started during my teenage years. My dad always tried his best nurture my talents. He sent me art class, piano lessons and asked me involve in sports as much as I can. The passion for sports was always there. Swimming, Jogging, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Skateboarding, Chess and any other sport I can get my hands on, my dad was there to support it. I really love him for that makes him something different from some other fathers. Even until now, he calls me and asked wether I have gone jogging or to the gym recently, or have I invloved myself in some activity. One day in 2001, my family attended a wedding which my passion was born. Me and my dad saw a group practising Tae Kwon-Do (TKD). My dad always wanted me to enter Karate or some other martial art. I was too interested to try a new sport. "Do you want to go?" that's the first thing he ask me when he saw me lookin at them. Without any hesitation, I said "Yes"
That wat got me into here. Everyday I went to training, I never regretted any moment of it. I wanted to be stronger. So all the pain form stepping the hard and rough terrain kept me motivated rather then making me give up. Sad part is, eventhough I loved my training the centre I was training in didnt really focus on the art of Tae Kwon Do. Being flexible and learning the accurate steps are not really important. As long as one can fight match and win, he is considered great. A common thing u can find in many Malaysian Tae Kwon Do (MTF) centres. Dz is also why GTF and ITF are better... this is oso why MTF didnt progress any much further in WTF (Not Wat The Fuck, but World Tae Kwon Do Federation)
When the time came for me to become I black Belt, (when I was 15), I felt unprepared and skipped it. Then I took 2 years break since I had to prepare for my SPM examination. After my SPM, I joined a new club. the training was good but still didnt concentrate on flexibility. Making me not so flexible. I trained as much as could finding time when I can. During this period was when I saw Boyka in Undisputed 2 and got really hooked into martial arts. I wanted to be much more like him. To be a champion in wat I love... Fighting! So I got my blackbelt coz I ws fed up seeing my juniors are higher ranked then me although they are not up ta a black belt standard. Grades in MTF are like beeing bought. After my STPM I bought a punching bag. Me and Suresh (My training buddy) filled it with sawdust. It was really a hardcore bag. Hard and painful. I modified a little space in my outdoors to a mini training gym... puttin all my gym and training equipments there. I trained every single day when I was free alongside with suresh, not only TKD, but also Kickboxing, Muay Thai and some ju-jitsu moves. It was around 8 months since January to August. My training slowed down when Suresh had to leave to his Police recruitment. I cant really concentrate on my flexibility alone either. And then I also got busy with finding a place to further my degree... so till then to now, my martial art passion was on hold, but I am startin slowly now. Jogging and involving in sports to get back into shape and going to gym to get a good figure. I need train on flexibility and agility but dun really how to do it alone. Alicia asked me to join Ballet, as she was teachin. Ballet involve lots of strentgh, agility and flexibility... I am considering it, although my macho manhood is in jeopardy, it gets me closer to my dream.... laugh all u want... I shall bear it to reach my dream.... TO BECOME YURI BOYKA...

The Idol:
The first movie I saw Scott in was Undisputed 2 and intermediately I was amazed to see his agility, talent, flexibility and talent. Dz guy would be one of the best martial artist I have ever seen. He became my Idol ever since. Although my short term Idol is Bernard Radin, Scott is someone I want to be in my peak of martial arts training. Not only he has a great martial art talent, he also has a tall and muscular body which is flexible and agile. A very hard task and it was like watching street fighter RYU in live. In an interview I read about Scott said that he didn't go for muscle building workout. So it means all that awesome body was built by pure hardcore training! Wat the Hell? I true fighting machine, dats my why he is my idol...

Some of Scotts awesome videos:

An introduction of scott:

Scott training for his upcoming movie undisputed 3:

Scott in his latest movie- Ninja:

The Biography:

Scott Adkins was born in Sutton Coldfield, England, on June 17th, 1976, into a family that for generations were Butchers. Along with his elder brother Craig, he was raised by John and Janet Adkins, a loving middle-class family. It is worth mentioning that Scott's great, great grandmother was of Spanish descent. Scott attended Bishop Vesey's Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield. Probably not the best of students, he used to sneak downstairs after his parents had gone to bed and watch films all night then fall asleep during lessons. A natural athlete, Scott enjoyed a variety of sports as he grew up, but when he was 10 years old, he accompanied his father and brother to the local Judo club. The attraction was instantaneous. Idolising stars such as Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott began to train everyday. He took over his Dad's garage and turned it into his own Dojo. He even had a shrine to Bruce Lee in there that he would bow to. He remembers being mugged on a bus when he was around 13 and that really kicked his training into overdrive. He wasn't ever going to let that happen again. At the age of 14, Scott went on to train in Tae Kwon Do under the instruction of Ron Sergiew with the T.A.G.B. After a few years, he moved on to Kickboxing under Anthony Jones. He is now a fully trained Kickboxing Instructor for the P.K.A. A self confessed "film junkie" Scott's attention was drawn to acting through the Hollywood Greats. He enrolled in a drama class at Sutton Coldfield College. Being a shy lad he initially found it difficult to be put on stage in front of an audience. Finally, at the age of 21, Scott was offered a place at the prestigious Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. However, as an impoverished student, he found it hard to make ends meet without a grant and was forced to leave without completing the course. Very dejected he thought that was the end.

His first break came when he was offered a role in a Hong Kong martial arts film called Dei seung chui keung (2001) (aka Extreme Challenge). Spotted by Head of The Hong Kong Stuntmen Association and director Wei Tung and English-born Hong Kong movie expert Bey Logan, Adkins found himself in the East for the first time. Scott got the chance to work with some of Hong Kong cinema's leading action directors including Woo-ping Yuen, Corey Yuen, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo and the legendary Jackie Chan. Acting roles started to come in and he was offered a guest role in BBC's "Doctors" (2000) filmed at Birmingham's Pebble Mill. A few episodes in BBC's "EastEnders" (1985) and "City Central" (1998), and a lead role in Sky One comedy drama "Mile High" followed by a regular role in BBC's "Holby City" (1999) as Bradley Hume, the assistant General Manager of Holby General.

Starring roles in feature films soon followed with his portrayal of Talbot in Special Forces (2003) (V) and Yuri Boyka" in Undisputed II: Last Man Standing (2006). It was this film that broke him into the mainstream with his villainous portrayal of a Russian MMA underground fighter Boyka in what has been hailed as one of the best American made Martial Arts films of recent times. Along with lead actor Michael Jai White, fight coordinator J.J. Perry and the slick direction of Isaac Florentine this movie has some unbelievably heart stopping fight scenes. After this Scott has had guest starring roles in bigger budget films like The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) and The Tournament (2009), and played 'Jean Claude Van Damme''s main adversary in Sony Pictures The Shepherd: Border Patrol (2008).

Recently, he played "Weapon XI" in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

Sott in his most famous role... as the badass Boyka. This is one kickass movie dat all action lovers must watch.

See dat flower tattoo? I want get dat on my shoulders as well to remind me everytime I stand in front of mirror about Boyka.... I man I want to be like.

Scott kickin Jean Claude Van Damn's ass in "The Sheperd"

Reaching The Goal:

Muay Thai
The killer sport which is only for those can take real pain. I love this sport becoz of the pain it self. It has the deadliest kicks and attacks, using elbows and knees. Although the technic dun vary much as TKD, muay thai is simply loveable to all martial artist. I remember when I went learn wushu, the master actually asked me take Muay Thai instead as it concentrates less on flexibility... Lol. What a shame.

The Destination : Bangkok, Thailand

The Birth place of Muay Thai, Thailand. That is where I want to go when I am 24 or 25 to train Muay Thai. I want to spend 6 months there to train Muay Thai daily and comeback to Malaysia. Saving money already for the training. hahahaha. But before that I want to train kickboxing or muay thai under one of the most dangerous martial artist in Malaysia and also my idol, Bernard Radin. His training centre is in Tambun and Im in Kampar. With a current bike it would be hard for me to travel dat far, so Im planning to shift bike with my dad, bring down his chopper and use it to travel weekly for training. But to brng the chopper I need good results. I screwed my 1st sem, So I gotta make it in dz!

The awesome sghts in Thailand I want to enjoy ^^:

Phi Phi Island:

Khao Lak:

Tae Kwon- Do

The 1st ever martial art I've learned and fell in love with. Tae Kwon-Do may not look like it but it is one of the deadliest martial. Combining speed, agility, power, flexibility and perfection, it is hard to avoid when attacked. Masterin this to a ciplak level alone made me feel like the world is slow specially when in street fights. Imagine how fast the perfectly trained TKD fighters would be. TKD had the strongest kick, n fastest reaction compared to other arts. Not a child's play. Two types TKD exist now internationally. ITF and WTF. Both are from the same founder but one was from south korea (WTF) and the other was north. ITF focuses more on arts n has little armor compared to WTF. but both are as deadly if mastered.

Destination: Canada

The Land I want to live in.... Canada. I didnt choose Korea coz I cant speak Korean n I thnk I will survive better here then there. I want to train here for at least 4 months when I am 28 or 29. If possible settle down here and start a family.... Canada is known for is well known for its natural habitat as well as its great TKD fighters. A place I want to be... and also train Ai Ki do when Im old.... XD


Designing Postcard... real pain in the neck!

It took me an hour to create this piece of trash. Seriously I was out of Ideas and had no mood to put in my 100% effort plus patience. Because the day was really dull and boring. I woke up and remembered dat I needed to go to the electrical store to ask him complete the lightbox. Me and Melody went to the furniture store a day before and bought a small shelf. We know relying on Navin is going to be really troubling since he is the last minute person. We told him to do it a week ago but he was still carefree. No time to wait. Better do it yourself if you want it. So me and Melody got into action. And after buying and giving the shelf to the furniture shop, Melody persuaded me to have dinner with her and her housemate. I didnt want (Well I kinda did want to go) spoil their moment but she made me go at last. Fun part was, Jessica was having steamboat at Juru too, along with Sek Chen and Hui Wern. Nice... all of us havin the almost similar moment. After the steamboat I was dragged to a drink party by Vishnu and also Melody(again). I said ok, but with one cond, DONT GET ME DRUNK! Its my fifth time on alchohol and b4 dz I was only drinkin bears. (HEINEKEN-TIGER-HEINEKEN-ANCHOR) Dz time it was chivas reagal n tequila. Details of all the fun we had will be updated later coz I dun hav all the pics yet. The next morning I woke up sleep deprieved and tired. I finished up the lightbox and only thing to do was to brng it back home.I cant remember wat happened later but wat I knw was I had dinner with Jia Ling and Stippie. Had a good time there. Specially bullying Jia Ling. XD. I planned to take her to Pizza Hut but all was ruined by the sudden rain. We shifted to MM. After the dinner I was back at Melody's startin on my postcard. Melody did a goodwork on her christmas trees but sad part is her PC hanged halfway making her lose all her work. Victor was there too, designing pumpkin by downloading it from the net. WTH? I did mine finish but it took me 2 hours juz to brainstorm and come up with an idea to design.
The whole thng ended at 3 am. It took me long coz I was chatting(specially to Fern about her killer intention), lazying, facebookin and designing at the same time. LOL. Next day I woke up an hour before class, finished my sketches in half an hour and printed out the materials before heading to class. As usual, I was 15 minutes late. My final work? Was like crap.(Specially if compared to Navin's) It looked like dz: (lol, something happen! the colors changed! XD)

LOL. something is really wrong with the color! HAHAHAHA....
I will try my best to do a real good work for the next one... with 100% effort and less distraction!


Mechas all the way!

Shopping is dangerous.. seriously. Specially when I do dat, I end up wastin nearly RM200 for every go! and I only buy 2 to 4 stuff... wth? LOL... Recently I got myself transformers mechas... n dey are god damn freakin cool! the exact replicas of the movies! too bad, I only manage to collect 3 of them so far... juz recently got myself Rachet, not Rachael. XD. his pics are still unavailable, so srry 4 dat. The other two were Starscream and Ironhide. Damn, somebody bought Prime before I can get my hands on him! So next stop will be- Prime, Bumblebee, Black out, Jazz (late), and Megatron... Juz today I've ask my pal Kevin order me Gundam 00 desgner color n Exia MG... cant wait for them! Damn, Im a toy freak!
Hey, call me crazy but these are called collectibles! They are form of asets baby! My Gundam Dynames was only RM 74 when I buy it, but a store in Ipoh Pride priced it as RM 160! Imagine... more then twice d pirce within only few months! There is no need talk about my Red Frame, he was rare even by the time I got him.
In addition to both of them, I even got my self 3 Ben 10 figurins- Four Arms, Diamond Head n Stink Fly... I wanted collect them all, but seems out of stock! Haiz. Bye Benny!
N then out of curiosity I oso bought two jigsaw puzzles of Gundam. One with Gundam Zero Wing and the other is Gundam 00. its the 1000 pieces version. Whn I opened the box, I closed it back asap! Curiosity did kill this black cat! Damn! lot of mini puzzle pieces dat gona take me a long long time to do! Starting on it means sacrificing my assignments. So, not now.... let me brng it back home for sem break! All my toys so far have cost me more then RM 900.... could actually buy me a new mobile phone to replace the one I lost... but who cares? (Except my parents) I luv them! At least I got my self something educational too... like my Transformers Revenge of The Fallen's novel.

Lets start one by one on the stuff in my room. 1st is the BEN 10 serious. My Alien Coolection. Of course undeniably, many kids luv Ben 10... so do I, n I still watch it. Im not gona age anytime soon, thank you! This models were done by Bandai. Sounds familiar? The same company that came up with digimon and gundams, and also producer of lots of famous anime serious. Ok, intro is done... NOW Meet Diamond ppl. One of the most fav and famous character in BEN 10 during the early episodes. He is a crystal bodied alien bla bla bla....
Home Planet: Petropia
Species : Petrosapien
And of course, who cant remember four arms? The most favorite character for Ben in BEN 10. Not only he is macho, he is freakin damn strong...
Home Planet: Khoros
Species : Tetramand
I didnt even knw why I bought him! I havent even get him out of the box! I am plannin to sell him back soon... bye Stinkfly.
All the alien out on the first batch come with a stand a card containing some info bout them. The card also contains a secret wrd where u can read when insert it into the slot on the stand. If u are kid then U can take n play with the card and go whooooooooo about it. If ur an adult, dun embarass ur self doin dat. Juz keep the card. Fourarms comes with a bonus... a rock tat can be attacthed and deattached... to make look like he broke it... cool. But diamond and the others doesnt. Dun worry, Bandai managed to sell Four Arms in the same price as others.
Look wat I did to him! WAKAKAKA....

Carries one big rock....

And tears it up!..........
Oh, this guy cant even stand on his stand... bandai really screwed him up. Look at him... leaning in one way like trippin n fallin. HAahahaha. Everything in here is fix and the only part u can move is d arm n legs. Sucks because its less poseable. haiz.

The best part is, his crystal at the back can be plucked out. But then, its useless... why would the want it to plug it out for nuthin? Think Bandai! Think!

This is the Gundam Zero Wing Puzzle dat I bought... I really luv this Mecha, but then he is rare. So I would probably luv to unleash my dissapointment by completing him.
Woreva Gundam 00... also the 1000 pieces of puzzles. Got a big job to do for dz sem break.LOL

Got this stuff when I bought KFC X Meal... Hopin for the dog tag or wallet, but this not bad. I will collect them later. Distributed by Bueno Vista (Which so far have given me lot of stuffs includin Removable Tattoo, Cap, and so and so) its considerably in a good quality. After all, it comes with a meal, so I cant expect so much. hahaha.

This is the box of starscream... cool heh? The models were from Hasbro. An exact movie Replica, so because of dat, it is unable to transform. Of course, the transformable ones will be more pricier and less accurate.... I juz want somethin cheap... ok.. not really cheap, but then save more money so I can buy more! hahaha... Starscream, Ratchet and Ironhide costs me RM 59.90 each. I major burn in my pocket. But atleast they were cheaper then Gundams. lol.
Iron hide... U should remember him from the movie as the Autobot who had fancy weapons and was desperate to kill the chihuahua.. LOL.

Ironhide, out of the box. The parts were all rubber, and the mauevering was also kinda troubling. At first I popped his arms out during the unwrapping process... damn. Oh the tires? No they dun turn! LOL... Act, could've made it better by making it more manueverable and not only mould it rubber, but some in plastic too... But then he still can do a cool running pose coz thankfully, he has big feet!

Starscream is pretty much the same as Ironhide... but atleast he can move a bit more. But the sad part is, he have trouble standing... coz his legs are juz too small to support the upper part. Damn... Ratchet is still in the box. Havent got him out. But I dun think he is any much diffren from both of them.

Okay dats all... Im super sleepy now so bye. I wan jump on the bed n dream about lovely ladies... good nite readers. thnx for readin. XD

jeff dunham n peanut!

Aaargh! Still Cant figure out how to make a background... I must be a ancient caveman frozen and relived because of the global warming. Man, but atleast, the blog is fancier than it was before. LOL. Finally, after months of break due to the dealy laziness syndrome, I am finally writing my blog. Round off applause pls everyone... thnk You! N Elvis keepin me grooved from the media player! Yeah baby, thank u very much. Seriously, I duno wat to blog about! there lot of exciting stuffs happenin dz whole year and I didnt blog anythin about it. Hail to my laziness. Haiz. Okok forget bout it. Kaboom. Thanks. Hmm... Feel like listening to Jeff Dunham's jokes, hold on... U duno who he is? Damn, dats sad... go search in youtube! He is the best joker I hav ever seen! He is the king of stupidity...My best one comes from peanut though! Damn, specially about gayman!



LOL... like it? then go and watch his videos in youtube. Freakin funny! hmm... let me post this 1st.... I'll be back later in a while when I'm finished watchin his video... XD


Feedback to Pendekar Ramlee

A fren sent me an e-mail of a blogger recently talkin shit about indians... I FEEL SO PITY FOR THE GUY cz he had no idea wat he was... He cant write even write his blog in english for god's sake :p ... I'd be straight... I dun believe in god... but I do believe in my religion... my people n my skin.. I'm a brown skin... or tan (Orang kulit coklat) Not a black skin as it is mentioned in HIS blog... OMG he is color blind... I wonder when ppl with no recognision of colors started writin blogs... anyway... lets prove d facts the poor mindless guy actually wrote... Oh sorry, his race are born mindless... BODOH SIAL... Sorry to say this… majority of ur people are like dat… its in ur blood...some however mistakenly turned out as nice guys who are educated, n eventually my pals…But d others -READ THIS FUCKING ASSHOLES n get ur mind screwed rght… yeah, I knw ur ppl are stupid n poor in history n current issues… Jump in a lake n die.. :P… U’ll do good for d country. Oh dun, u’ll polute d lake…

Part 1 4m his blog:

He doubts why Indians are black…. Ahem, we’re tan n brown blind ass…. N got made us black? Well, if he did he did a good job cz rite nw its d black ppl ruling d world n nt u ummm…. Wat colors u bastards are anyway? Oh yeah… D color u find on d drain while it rains…. OMG… ur nuthin but a pile of drainage… N I’m sorry does most of d readers actually know wat ur ppl are? I bet dey consider u all south east Asians… priorly same to INDONESIAN, PHILIPINO, SIAMESE, n …. They dun even knw u rght!!! U bunch jungle ppl dun hav a proper recognision… Uhm, Indians? You can see us in many Hollywood movies nowadays…Bollywood is all us too… N we’re one of d top religions in d world… Imagine… sum ppl who dun even hav deir own address talking about those who do…. Oh I’m so sorry, I forget ur ppl are dumb asses. They were livin in jungle till d British found them… Uh we Indians? If ur educated U might’ve knwn Indians r one of d earliest civilization in d history… Oh, hw could uncivilized ppl knw about dat? SORRY. He says we’re nuthin but beasts… hahahhaa…. So funny… I admit some Indians fght a lot, n are fucked up gangsters… but those fuckers are minority who make d majority’s name stain... My high school was majority of ur ppl, n we were thrown stones at, called out in vulgar words n purposely beaten to cause fghts by ur ppl... Wat u call dat? Oh, remember the case where 2 junior students were bullied n beaten to death... Let’s see bout wat u guys do… oh its d majority in dz way:

  1. Smoke when u turn 7
  2. Smoke glue when ur 13
  3. Smoke weed when ur 15
  4. Do crack when ur 15
  5. Fuck another bitch when ur 14
  6. Rape ur sister/daughter/grand daughter or a baby…
  7. Gang rape ur gf or ur fren
  8. Rempit with a cheap bike n kill innocent drivers by causin accidents
  9. Share ur gf with ur fren so he can borrow cash for ur new bike’s modification
  10. He’s fuckin ur gf (whom u pimped) n ur bz stealin another guy’s bike
  11. Ur bz with graffiti, breakin stuff n vandalizing while ur SPM exam is goin on…
  12. Let’s face it… there’s too many till I’m too bored write…

Lets go to part 2 :

Hmm.. Malaysia Indian’s r picked up by British cz British knew dat ur ppl could not freakin fuckin wrk for d progress of deir own country… U can even see it nw… dey prefer to sell Ramli burgers, Rempit, n set up hawker stalls 4 livin instead of finding a real job dat could greatly aid our economy… Oh wait, why should they? The others are already doin dat… Pariah huh? Well looks whose talking… a guy who totally behaved vise versa to his religion n country’s belief… Oh wait, aint dat another definition for pariah? I GUESS SO. Although came to work as “kuli” its halfly bcoz of rubber n oil palm Malaysia hav nw became a drastically growing country… Oh hw would he knw… He sells burgers…

Hit the Indians he say… I remember when ur ppl pick up fghts… dey do it in groups… not solo… cz dey are freakin fuckin chickens… oh, chickens are braver. So I dare u to hit us… Well, lets see… Hittin us would cause a rage among Indians worldwide… cz we r not alone like u… so dat equals ur ppl getting screwed internationally… come on… Hit us… OMG… I read his stuff, he dunno 2 spell “fikiran” dumb ass…

emotions… If ur ppl hav emotions dey wont be humpin gals from age 3 to age 80… u guys are freak… god’s biggest mistake… If d cops wanna get rough with us for a mistake we’ve done, we’re not gonna hav a prob… Shut d hell up asshole… who r u to talk? We got enough cash to live our way through cz we dun sell burgers… We wont get destroyed… cz we’re smart, we’re strong, we got enough ppl to help us… All u hav is bike u can rempit with… ride like d wind asshole… may u die n Rot In Pieces (R.I.P)… Gd luck campaigning for our destruction…

Here’s Part 3:

Dz fucker keeps on sayin Negara tercinta all d time…fuck it asshole, U jz causin a riot once again by doin dz... If thz hw u luv ur country, lets see if u can get urself anywhere… I knw ur good at fuckin urself… U want all d Indians beaten once a month? Do it if u dare… I bet ur race is gona go back home in corpse…

Animals fuck deir daughters, mothers, sisters n grannys… equals to ur race… not mine… Oh sorry, dey dun fuck cubs like u do…Dats wat I say Dickhead…

Ok I like dz part:

Kaum yg x berguna – Ahemn… most of us we hav good jobs compared to urs… N score more A’s then u do… We dun sell burgers, trash n vandalize our own country, We dun usually end up in pusat serenti, we dun rape granny’s or babies or hump goats, khalwat, liwat, become gay protitutes, dats why we dun need gov back up us … UNLIKE UR PEOPLE.

Kuat Menipu – ur blog was a lie anyway…

Mencuri/Merompak- I dun see many Indians becoming snatch thieves… but ur ppl are… cz with current economic crisis, u cant survive by sellin burgers… Ur race steal till ppl end up dying…FUCKERS… dats called DOSA.

N mind u most Malaysian lawyers are Indians n u ppl’s asses need em when u rape ppl… We r lawyers cz we r smart…U sell burgers cz ur dumb

U talk bout bumiputra as if ur race was originally 4m here... Do u knw ur history jackass? Hw would u knw… Ur dumb. Celaka urself.

Part 4:

Dz guys just cant face d truth… we r innocent… so he blames d newsweb…LOL. Sooner he's gonna blame d whole world for wats happenin to dz country... He didnt realize he's makin it chaotic... N by d wat...Start livin in a real world... stop writin shit... stop rempit n sellin burgers...

U want to send us all to ISA, good… Lets do it for a month n see hw far ur nation can develop only with ur race.. I bet we would end diggin crap if it happens...

D best part again:

We all dosa huh? Refer to my explanation on ur dosa’s… the way u thnk is alredy a dosa… ur a born to be dosa…

Kes curi – Explained...

Kes Rogol?- Hhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaha…. Rogol has ur races name written all over it… dun change d ppl… read d newspapers pls… bangsa miang…. U ppl hump every holes u can get... I knw few fren of mine of ur race, dey hump soap bars, test tubes n deir baby sisters... we dun hump them, cz mst of us consider gals r sacret...

Bunuh- I admit dz part…Sum bastards of mine jz dun seem to knw the diference between real life n tv... but ur race indirectly kill more ppl den we do.Remember d 3 R’s? … REMPIT, ROGOL, RAGUT…

Well, we dun pretend like u guys… we dun need blogs to help us prove… u jst showed ur race to be total assfuckers…

Its part 5:

U wan whack a guy for revealin truth? Oh yeah, ur race lives in a lie… no wonder… U r UP bcoz of us n d others…without us u guys still will be livin in ur hut, in d jungle, shttin in dug holes, n farmin for food. U wont even hav progressed to sell burgers… U ppl are dumb lets face it… we knw wat we see in school n uni… dats why u need gov to protect u… but even with dat ur no way near us… Lets check d top 5 rch guys list… OMG, none of ur ppl… sorry, go back sellin burgers…

The final Part:

Why would u wan to menyampah? Ur useless dumbass neway… We didnt protest.. we demanded our rite… dun u knw d difference? Oh sorry ur dumb… Hw would u knw?

U wan us go bck 2 India? Gladly… giv us back d money our ancestors worked 4 ur ppl… U cant… ur race is freakin fuckin beggars n noway u can pay us… Go ahead call ur kampong ppl… oh ur 4m kampong izzit? Wakakakakaka… Ur proved urself of still bein a jackun… jungle boy, go back huntin squirrels… ppl like u dun deserve to write blog… Its just too hard for u… Ur dumb.

Finally, jz dun be a dumbass writin stuff like dat... I've been hurt by ur ppl all my life dat ur blog made me crack n reach my limit... I'm jst pissed n thought its time I dun keep myself shut... So I write dz... I hav nuthin against ur ppl even nw cz I got good frenz who r ur ppl n knw few good ppl who r ur ppl... but ur blog just made me piss em all... sorry for those nice guys who still hav deir brains attached to them, but for u n all d other motherfuckers who still got a prob wif Indians, pls dun u say dz out loud in public... or I can guarantee ur a goner... N YES UR ALL SHEEP HUMPIN FREAKOS...


Its Thaipusam!!!!

Okay, Im in a bus ride back to Kampar, while writing this. Not a nice rght… the motherfucker is not using the highway for god’s sake… I dunno wat time Im gonna be reaching Kampar. Crap.

Thaipusam? Not bad... I parked my bike at the Kampar train station n made my way to sp via train. Im still worried about my bike’s safety. Hope so it’s still there when I go back… Hopefully. The ride was well, borin as usual. Public transport are boring when u dun hav ny1 sittin beside you… in my case now, its an snoring oldie. Dad was already there at the Butterworth station to pick me… I went back home tired with the only thing lukin heavenly was my bed. But then next day I had to wake up at 3am coz had to go on the paalkudam pilgrimage. It’s embarrassing in a way, coz I had to carry a bucket or whatever its called considered small for my size… who’s lukin? In case u dun knw, it’s around hundreds to thousand people. LOLZ. Took a bath in d morning n our (Me, Sarvini n Dinesh) transporter(my dad) brought us to the temple via car… well ya… instead of walking… Hey it’s the modern era… we need to speed up for Lord Muruga. He’s waitin isn’t he? Why let him wait long? We arrived back home around 6 am after the pilgrimage. I went straight to bed … Dad woke me up at 8.30am coz wanted to go to bank to bank in some cash at my SSPN account. No use, Bank closed… So we just prepared n went to Penang… After hell of traffic congestion we finally made it. This year was less livelier than before and lesser good lukin babes. But there wer more tourist n more white chicks… After lunch mum went to donate blood. I couldn’t coz I juz donated a month ago. Guess wat? The cute chick from last year was there… workin on the weighin scale this time… Hw lucky… I spent the time stalking here wif my eyes n talking to Dk. Then I befriended a guy so we were talking… Hw am I to get the chicks number? The usual Hi- Hello? Guess not… specially with all my family around.

We went back home later, n after reading newspaper, takin my bath I finally thought I could get myself a good rest. But dad come back wakin up juz when I was about to dooze off. He couldn’t get any train ticket back to Kampar. So I went n got the bus ticket, for this stupid bus of course… dats my thaipusam… from now on I will be focusin the blog to GHOST stories or may open a special blog page for ghost stories… depends coz I dun wana mix it both together… there’s lot for me to tell n seems like more people are keen on reading ghost writing… See first eh… catcth u soon…Oh man the chick on d next seat is really cute…

Murugar KavadiGanesha Statue

Mum donatin blood...Lolz
Hi mum!!!

My favorite- Narasimma
The view from the top