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Just a chit chat at KFC (warning: 18sx )

So finally after almost 4 months I step back into my heaven, which I once almost visited daily. Yes people, I am talking about KFC. Oh, Shut up with the cholesterol and calorie and unhealthy level. We all going to die some time anyway!
So that was the topic. Me, Sara and Navin were talking about what we should do when we know we were about to die.
Sara said : I would enjoy to the max by spending it with my loved ones.
Navin said: I would buy all the game consoles and play and get wasted...
I said: I would Russian Roulette my self, with my worse enemy.... if he dies 1st.... I would place another guy to play with!!!

Seriously... u are thinking WTF?
Who cares if I kill too many on the process? I am about to die, I dont give a fuck!!!

The only thing they can they can bring to judgement is my ghost, or death sentence my already dead body as Navin said! hahaha....

Then Sara gave a thought, what will you do if you wasted all the money and life, you lost your life and everything thinking you are dying, but then it is a false report...

My Ans:
I would play Russian Roulette with the Damn Doctor!!! Since I lost everything, who cares if I die!

What if it is female?

My Ans:
I would rape her and then play Russian Roulette with her... again, I cant be convicted coz I am dead!

What if she is an Ugly Fat Female?

My Ans:
I would let my dog rape her and then play Russian Roulette

What if the dog dont want to?

My Ans:
There is no other sad situation but that. She might as well kill herself.

So somehow the topics gotten more sexual and explicit: so our conclusions were:

  Some women can be so sick! and some men can be mentally ill!!!!

  The men are never visible!!!

 These monsters got dick but they still insist on raping with they many many tentacles that mysteriously appear out of no where leaving the somehow perfectly trapped extremely busty hentai babes moaning and screaming and cumin!!! WTF??? if I had Tentacles and Dick, I would still rape with my DICK!!!

 I saw this in the news where there made more awesomely pretty looking semi robo sex dolls created in Japan.
The Japanese are really smart... which is why they are also very very sick!!!
Imagine 1st Tentacle monsters, Orgy exercises, and now this?

(Summary of Dialogues:)

So whats the Lubricant? Engine OIL??????

If you dont like the sex position open up the Boobs for the TFT Menu

Click Click... What if the thing goes out of battery?

What if the thing goes out while giving a head? Bite!!!

So next time some we see an ugly guy with a hot chick, we know who she is!

We had a great Carb burning laughter moment!


Man... Life has been Boring.... seriously.....

I am trying my best to recall a story to tell but nothing is coming!!! For the fact I was blocked by FB for commenting on all those SS sad people who were uploading and begging people to vote for them in a useless page where hobby-less people create so they can score some extra chicks who are extra dumb to advertise themselves in there. I mean seriously! You think you look good? You need people to vote for you? adore you? drool at you? fantasize you? Go join a beauty pageant or a worthy competition rather than to waste you pitiful image on sites like this where you upload your own pictures and ask people to like them. I mean, for god sakes, uploading your own pictures? That is sad wei!!! very very sad!!! More sad than the 2 dumb pigs who got the house blown apart!
For those who are victims of their friends uploading their pictures into such sites, I am okay with you. Your friends probably thought you look good enough to match against these sad people or they hate you so they have ruined your life.

Even if you plan to post, please post a proper picture taken by expert photographer for portraits rather that taking your 'act cute' personal pics to public! Seriously, like this guy over here... He wanted it to be studio pic. But he was just sadly bad at photoshop to cheat us.

I mean, come onla, if you think you look good and worthy of competing, do compete in style. Do it in competitions.
Who cares if you cant qualify? You had the confidence to try!!!
I rather not see sad people uploading pics in sites another sad person who was just bored created... who wish to? Unless you are another sad person craving for cheap fame.


Some shits just don't know they stink....

And thats how we should do it...

This is a sad sad sad story about the finding of a rare species humanity that just seem to get into fucks and just cant get enough of it. Faced it before, fucked them off before, facing another now, and this is a more stubborn version.

Seriously, some people don't get the fuck that something is wrong with them. I don't get it that if they are problematic or just sadly retarded.  Those poor endangered rare species troublemakers should just SHUT THE FUCK UP!

"If you are having problem with all those around you, they are not the problem.... YOU ARE"

'Want to be perfect and successful' is confident, 'Want to be Superior and Dominant' is what I call assholelism.... of the word doesnt exist? add it Oxford!
They walk around complain this and that, compare this that, comment this and that, and want just to be perfect smart angels and live like prince. Well, welcome to reality, fairy tale is over, bedtime was just now so you can just shut your shit mouth, and just mind your fucking life than to fuck with others.

I mean, here I am minding my own life, with my own buddies, own babe, own family, own everything and these lifeless fucks just cant get enough and have to bullshit around about me thinking they are just so great. What the fuck did I do? Do I owe you anything? No fuck right? SO SHUT THE FUCK!
Stop messing with something not related to your life. Oh sorry, you probably dont have your own life, well its time to get one... go go... need some help? let me teach, basic thing is to shut the fucking mouth of yours. Secondly, If you got a problem just face it like a man/female or whatever sex your are (if you still remember). Stop putting a fake smile, stop being all dramatic and stop being a fucking loser just to to win.

Thanks for learning....