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Hauntings- The Housemate

This story was told by Victor to me passed from several other friends. I believe it is one of the spookiest one can encounter with the undead.
It happened here in Kampar, in Westlake houses, so residents in Westlake, sorry to scare you.
There was this girl who needs her housemate to accompany whenever she needs to washroom in the night, and she lived in the ground floor. Ground floor rooms have their washroom outside of the rooms.
During the exam season last semester, the housemate happened to have finish his exam earlier then her and went back home. Being a habit to her, she forgot he went home and knocked on his door asking him to accompany her. He did appear and did accompany her.
Half way in the washroom she realized the real housemate have went back home and the one standing outside was not him. She was scared out of soul and didn’t know what to do. She told “him” it’s okay and he could go back to his room.
“He” answered her back saying he can wait, and then asked her whether she already know that she already know who he really is. What happened to her after that, I didn’t know.
I put myself in her place and told Victor, if I was her, I would’ve wasted my time until morning before I go out of the washroom.
“Sweat, ghosts don’t need doors stupid!” he answered.


Hauntings- whispers

This is one of my personal encounters that I find quite disturbing. It happened during my early form six. During my spm break while waiting for my stpm intake after my PLKN I got nothing much to do except loiter,read, and play. My parents didnt really allow me to find a job because they were afraid it may distract me away from study. So with 12 hours of free time daily I got into many stuff.
I was always fascinated with all the supernatural stuff after the certain moment where I had lots of weird encounters. So during my free times I googled for more infos on them and even bought books about them. I began reading all these and was really into it. During these time was also when I was listening to rock metal bands and I was fascinated by their lyrics a lot. One thing most rock bands, cults and cultures have common was Satanism, which I was attracted to most.
I began to get involved deeply into Satanism culture and I was really admiring it. The logos, the cults and all...
After few months of really gotten bad. I began to carve pentagrams every where and without me realizing.... plus I was having so much pleasure doing it. I began to admire blood, watch gore stuff which weren't my favorite at all. But thats not yt scary. For few nights when I go to bed, I hear whispers in my ear. Of an elderly man, but talking in language I dont know but then I seemed to be able to understand him. The whisper was close to my ear, but yet far from me. I couldnt sleep, for few nights as these whispers kept on disturbing me. The voice chanted, and spoke, and was very addictive. It was asking me to come with him.
Somehow after knowing things are getting bad, I avoided all the stuff I was doing. I try to gain control and slowly stopped. And after I thought bout it... wat was it? for those who read supernatural stories and encounters and well aware of satanism may know wat it was.
When all things seem to have stopped, last year the whispers were heard again. This time a little girl, crying and asking for help. She was also talking in a strange language that I seemed to understand. This was only for a night but still as creepy.


Hauntings- By coincidence?

After request by many many friends I've decided to write my blogs bout all the unnatural things that have happened to me and my friends which some are hard to explain. For the start I am not starting with a ghost story. But my own experience which I cant believe I lived through.
My teenage years when I was 12 to 15 was tough. A mentally abused child. As I can remember we were a happy family, although my dad was strict with me on studies, he loved me dearly and my siblings as well. Mum is no exception. But the death of my beloved uncle have brought lot of problem between my parents. I'm not keen on explaining why. My parents treated us well, but they were enemies to each other. Everyday they fight and quarrel and most times its physical.
Imagine, to see your beloved ones fighting everyday continuously, living in hatred for nearly three years. During their fights, my little siblings keep crying and shouting begging them to stop. They rarely did. I never had a peaceful rest, peaceful dinner, peaceful sleep.
For a kid to take that mush of mental torture everyday, I felt only death was my peace and only way to make them stop. So tried, to commit myself to eternal sleep. I attempted to kill myself in many ways. I've tried rat poisons, Aerosols and bug sprays. The only thing I had was a bad stomachache. They didn't kill me. I didn't know why.
I tried to hang myself, but halfway through fear hit me and I manage to break free. I found pleasure doing mischievous. I found pleasure through pain. Hit myself with hard stuff, stapled myself and cut myself. I even through myself towards a speeding van, flew few meters and landed unscratched, only a small headache. All these as if I couldn't kill myself.
During my 14th Birthday my parents ended up in a quarrel again over who is celebrating it. My siblings crying and I can't find peace even on that special day. So I left. Cycled alone in midnight while they were busy fighting. I saw the cemetery, very peaceful. Nothing was there. I stopped and sat on one of the tomb and cried myself out. Even the moon looked calming that night.
After a while I stood up and cycled back, to my uncles place and told them what happened. My uncle brought me back. My parents seemed to have realized I was missing only by the time I reach there.
But this day changed it all. Ever since then my parents stopped, and only had small quarrels. We were back being the happy family we were. Now I realize, I was kept alive for reason. I was lucky I didn't fade away then. Now, everyday to me is a opportunity to take and live it through. I never feared death, because I've faced it and lived. I want to live until my life fades.
But what saved me those days? Why didn't I end up like many others? Even until now, I've had those experience. I've been street user for a long time and many times I have seen deadly situations coming towards me, but always I manage to dodge and avoid them as a quick reflex. Never once I've met in accidents. I've even drowned but managed to be saved. Help comes in whatever forms whenever I'm in this situations.
How is this possible? Just a coincidence to be able to avoid deadly situations all these years? Why am I so lucky compared to most others? Or is it not luck but destiny? Or am I being protected by someone who walks as my shadow?


A special wish to a special person

Today you turn 20... congratulations gal... Happy Bday, may you have the best of life. A few month ago, I wanted to make this day memorable to u. Too bad couldn't make it. The things that screwed up the happy moments we had, made me think I should not. Its in the past and I'm still stuck in regret. Moving on but your always in my head. Your special to me. More then the other girls that have shadowed passed me. I dunno why. But its just me. Just how it is you. I see you happy now, and Im very much happy to see that way. Always hope that the smile in your face will last long and forever. Just want to say, although it may seem like I'm avoiding or ignoring you, I am not doing it on purpose. Im sorry. Im not prepared. Im very afraid, To hurt you again. Just want you to know that I am always there for you, just like I was when I spent my first few months with you...