Its Thaipusam!!!!

Okay, Im in a bus ride back to Kampar, while writing this. Not a nice rght… the motherfucker is not using the highway for god’s sake… I dunno wat time Im gonna be reaching Kampar. Crap.

Thaipusam? Not bad... I parked my bike at the Kampar train station n made my way to sp via train. Im still worried about my bike’s safety. Hope so it’s still there when I go back… Hopefully. The ride was well, borin as usual. Public transport are boring when u dun hav ny1 sittin beside you… in my case now, its an snoring oldie. Dad was already there at the Butterworth station to pick me… I went back home tired with the only thing lukin heavenly was my bed. But then next day I had to wake up at 3am coz had to go on the paalkudam pilgrimage. It’s embarrassing in a way, coz I had to carry a bucket or whatever its called considered small for my size… who’s lukin? In case u dun knw, it’s around hundreds to thousand people. LOLZ. Took a bath in d morning n our (Me, Sarvini n Dinesh) transporter(my dad) brought us to the temple via car… well ya… instead of walking… Hey it’s the modern era… we need to speed up for Lord Muruga. He’s waitin isn’t he? Why let him wait long? We arrived back home around 6 am after the pilgrimage. I went straight to bed … Dad woke me up at 8.30am coz wanted to go to bank to bank in some cash at my SSPN account. No use, Bank closed… So we just prepared n went to Penang… After hell of traffic congestion we finally made it. This year was less livelier than before and lesser good lukin babes. But there wer more tourist n more white chicks… After lunch mum went to donate blood. I couldn’t coz I juz donated a month ago. Guess wat? The cute chick from last year was there… workin on the weighin scale this time… Hw lucky… I spent the time stalking here wif my eyes n talking to Dk. Then I befriended a guy so we were talking… Hw am I to get the chicks number? The usual Hi- Hello? Guess not… specially with all my family around.

We went back home later, n after reading newspaper, takin my bath I finally thought I could get myself a good rest. But dad come back wakin up juz when I was about to dooze off. He couldn’t get any train ticket back to Kampar. So I went n got the bus ticket, for this stupid bus of course… dats my thaipusam… from now on I will be focusin the blog to GHOST stories or may open a special blog page for ghost stories… depends coz I dun wana mix it both together… there’s lot for me to tell n seems like more people are keen on reading ghost writing… See first eh… catcth u soon…Oh man the chick on d next seat is really cute…

Murugar KavadiGanesha Statue

Mum donatin blood...Lolz
Hi mum!!!

My favorite- Narasimma
The view from the top


Quick update (Tell u in details later)

IT tutorial... Borin.
Came home n chatted wif Vijaya
Told Jess couldnt pick her up, she bullied me for not pickin her for IT Lecture
IT lecture was fuckin borin
Stephen, Sheng wang n I get down 2 writin Pmalaysia report... till 1am...(giv u more clearer details n pics later)
Chatted wif Jess 4 while... she buly me 4 not sittin wif her at IT clss... EVIL WOMAN
Took a bath n went to sleep.

Woke up few minutes b4 Mandarin lcture...
Rushed there wif Sheng Wang...
Dumb lecturer turned up late
He was old, forgetful but funny...
Fucker talked mostly in chinese...leavin me n magen blur
Luckyly Jess translated 4 me... Victor was oso blur...embarrassing
Sent Jess back home...Lol, my helmet is too big for her...
Sent Sheng Wang at KTM... saw Chua n gang on d way
Sent Alicia to KTM wif her 3 loads...LOL
Saw Chua n d gang again...
Followed them for lunch (wait, Im suppose 2 b veggie!)
Now at home writin blog
Will go KTM in an hour... go home!!!

I will get this blog in detail asap...now runnin outta time.


Kelvin is a father!!

Ok... sorry but I duno wat d fuck happened yesterday, I couldnt get access 2 my blog... So im gonna be goin double again in dz one but hey, it aint my fault.... Oh yeah guess wat? Kelvin got a daughter... So gals in UTAR beware... we may hav a married stalker here... Lol. In case u wana know he's doin Bachelors of Communication in Advertising, Y1 Sem 1 (2009) n is in tutorial group 2... So Beware. This is him n his daughter:
Okla, truth is I duno if it's really his daughter, but dats wat he said to me n allowed me to do what I just did... So did. Kelvin is single or not? I duno. Find it out urself gals... n gays...

Out of d blue I decided to FINALLY watch quantum of solace... Im no JB fan but d usually hav hot gals in it, n cool cars, so for d sake of it, I watched... but Daniel Craig must be unlucky... Olga Whatever luk like shit, n so did Eva Green(bt d other Bond Gal in Casino Royale was hot)... I cant get my eyes of Aston Martin DBR, n undoubtfully, JB role is best suited for Danny... Now Im in love wif suits thanks to both Danny Craig n Jason Statham(Transporter)...

Wat bout Quantum?
It SUX...

The first scene clearly an advertisement for Aston Martin n Alfa Romeo... fcus thr n here... N then d story gets shitty all d way through d end... Olga my frns lukd less like a slut but still lukd like 1... compared to Hitman, she was fine... Wat boys? want to see her in nude? Wat d hell? Watch hitman... her nude scenes all over d movie... like tz part:

Gettin aroused? U sick bastard, I almost barfed... she's fuckin ugly! Lets face it... Dat is why Agent ??? (wats d number 42? whatever) didnt accept the bitch...

Quantum was borin... AS HELL. Casino Royale was ok... Neways Transporter still rules d best... Face it... Daniel Craig cant beat Jason Statham, or his fght scenes... the oni thng he can beat is d car, (audi a6) n d bitch in Tranporter 3... She luks fuckin ugly... thrice uglier than Olga... I skipped d sex part! Its terrible... Like watchin a frog fuckin a ... sum cool guy. Wat d hell were directors were thinkin? Gimme a break! Shu qi was awesome, Amber Valleta was not bad but Natalya Rudakova? They r gettin sick... Of course Transporter 1 n 2 were much better than ths... however, d fght n action scenes still rock...but wheres d car chase?

Wednesday nite me n 2 housemates were revising our work n Siva comes up sayin Anand gone mad, talkn to himself... we told him its probably a joke a sumthin but 2 hours later we went to Anand's room n sw him lyin emotionless wif eyes open... as if dead... who shook him called him n try to get him up, he was still like dat... we called his dad askin wether d guy has sum mental disorder or sumthin but nope he didnt... Later we saw tears from d guy's eyes... but he was still emotionless... We seated him n Sam slapped d wits outta him, finally makin him move a bit. Thngs got back to normal bt d boys were feelin uneasy Sam, Nithiya n Siva slept 2 gether in a room, while I slept in Ramesh's room... not to say Im scared to dat extent... but Ramesh was. So for his sake, I said ok... Story has it, Anand went to buy KFC alone at nite wif his bike brought it back home to eat it. Kampar is generally a haunted town... there r cemeteries evry where facin d road way... thr was 1 really scary cemetery on d way back 4m KFC to our place... So may be... I duno... Jz 25% doubt... sumthin followed him. He came 2 Sam n Siva n introduced them to sum gal dat didnt even exist... Dats when Siva told us about Anand talkin to himself...Lolz. Sum nite.

Nxt day i went 2 bed as soon as I got back from class... Then I woke up n went to PM class... d rain forced me 2 g back late...I went out wif Vishnu n we tlkd n hung out. Finally... wanted to update d blog but like I said... it didnt open... even my ptpn registration is still uncomplete... fuck....


Mr Suguz??? LOL

Ur not gonna believe who i came to find via Alicia's frenster profile just a moment ago.... One of my most respected persons in my life... Mr Suguz... n he even has facebook!!! He is not aging anytime soon I presume... Who is he?
A funny guy who's Bahasa Melayu seminar I attended to back in 2004 n 2005... Made laugh till drop, wif his sex jokes n gay portrays which I still cant 4got... My sis, my bro n me all attended his Seminar... But the bigger tribute goes to Mr Maran who has been our actual guideline... You will not know till u experience it urself... so I dun wana elaborate but 4 those who know Suguz, He has Frenster... wif many hot chicks in it...

Lets go back to my recently:

In d last blog I updated u wif my parties n tz is my last day in SP... mysteriously all my fishes started to die... one by one... includin my favourite fishes which I had for 5 yrs... I ended cleanin the aquarium twice... n now the giant aquarium is empty... FUCK....
Then I gav my dog a bath n rested a while... I meant I fell asleep... Tian Yitt msged me at 6 saying he'll pick me up at 8 for d dinner... I waited till 7.56 n then got a msg 4m him askin for me to WAIT A MINUTE... The poor boy probably didnt know a minute only had 60 secs in it... after 20 minutes of one minute notification he shows up wif his cool grey waja... sorry his bros cool grey waja... I improved my vocabulary on him... u know .... d F, W, B, A, words? U dont? Poor God.... I'll teach u if u miss call me 5 times at midnite... Then we headed out to
Chuen Chie's place to pick him up... Lets not guess how pissed he is gonna be... N then halfway Jess calls us askin where we are... Only then I knew she's coming along and man was she angry... We were suppose to follow her to there since none one of d boys hav clue about d place... After many phone calls n xcuses we finally arrived at 8.48.... 48minutes late... Luckily its not my fault... Screw u tian yitt...LOL. The table were the boys n Chia chien, Li wei, n Cheah Yin sat was full, so we got d 1 beside... Man I was glad to see Xian Zhe... My buddy... Wat? D food? Its a BBQ style which cost us way more than it should hav... luckily I reserved the briyani rice at home... The food didnt make me full at all... but for the sake of d reunion I joined... After d dinner n all we left... n bla bla bla days up...

Wat the fuck??? Wat is up wif d underline.... Go awy.... How to get the shit off???

go away

testin.... fuck


stupid line

Ok... I.ll show u d pics of now n d party b4 dz:

The final gd bye to CNY From Top Left : Danny(Tian Yitt), Jessica, Venus, Chuen Chie, Ah Lun
Low Left: Xian Zhe, Me(Surin), Kim Kiat

Me n Xian Zhe( The Champ)
Me n Li wei ( She's gettin prettier evrytime I see her)

Me n Kim Kiat
Me n Eh Sern
Me n Chia Chien
Me n Cheah Yin... hard to believe but even she is hotter... LORD
Our lil dinner at Old Town's
Me KK n Eh Sern
Cheah Yin N Li wei

So dats our reunion treat on CNY... Crap the underline is back again... Go awayyyyyyyyyyyyy


I woke up n gt redy for my ride back to kampar... d bus was at 10.15... I packed my stuff incudin 2 huge bottles of proteins... dad sent me back d bus station... srimaju again... Im really makin money 4 d company... LOL. So i got on d bus n sadly no chicks beside me dz time... so I spent d ride listenin to HIM n slipknot... damn underline.... I waited a while in d bus station in Ipoh for
Sham sis.... there was a hot momma there... damn evil curse of gentlemens... why cant i b d player???? WHY? WHYYYYY??? But damn I like d way she wore... Simple but sexy... should recommend d style to my gal when I hav 1.. Sham sis picked me up a while later... and I spent my on d bed 2 sleep... I thought I wanna go bck on d day via bus bt my uncle insisted me stay for d nite n he'll leave me in kampar 2molo... So spent the nite watchin Arjun's movie called Durai... Fuck it... the movies a total chaos... clearly its a direct copy of Gladiator and fght scenes from Tom Yang Gong n Ong Bak... Wht the hell is wrng wif him? get ur own ideas asshole... stop copyin ppl.... I was fan till now, but after his copy-act movies like dz... geez. I hope d hollywood movies n Tony Jaa claim royalty for dz...


Woke up early n called dad... He left at 6.30 to Butterwoth n is takin a train 4m ther 2 Ipoh transportin my bike... I told him I can do it but nooo, I'm still his baby boy.... Me n my Uncle moved 4m Ipoh aroun 11.30 to Kampar... Dad was already in Kampar 15 minutes earlier than us... Wat speed was he ridin my bike in??? Dude ur turnin 50 soon... but I bet u will thnk he is my elder bro jst like all those seen us 2gether... Nt dat I luk old... he luks too young his age... I envy him... but since I'm his genes, I thnk I'll be like dat in d future too huh? Hope so... Cz I dun wana embarrass myself... Dad had to be rushed to the train station as soon as he gave me his bike, but it was too late by 5 minutes... he missed it n nw needed to take the fearfull kinta bus... We took lunch 2gether n boarded him to Kinta bus.... I told him to go Medan Gopeng straight n not to Sri Maju... I know it'l be full n it was...he did wat i told him not to...but luckily he's back home safe... Saturday was fucked up borin... my only at home mysteriously dissapeared as soon as Im back home... So I unpacked, cleaned n slept till my mum call... then I just onlined... I watched Jayam Kondaan (translates- He has Victory) n man its a great movie... nice story... Vinay was very gd lukin, n Bavana...dreamy... she's HOT... Im in Love...in a impossible way... Bhavana.... Aaargh... Neways d movie is not an annoyin copy-cat ike Arjun's... It shows a dream of a son tryin to start a biz usin his dad cash after he is doomed... only 2 find d dad has another wife whose daughter only slighty younger than him... both children rival for d cash... (d daughter want d cash 2 pursue her studies)... But Vinay decides to help his half sis instead after realisin d kindship of his step mum... the sis doesnt trust him n so d story goes... Good story, on family, trust, frenship, n determination toward ambitions... should watch for all teens... Sad part is Bhavana only makes few appearances as Vinay's GF...Fuck. Funny part is I finished my revision while watchin d movie... it actually made me concentrate...
Later when I wanted update my blog Jess(diffren one... Ok I call her silver Jess 2 make u guys get least confused) started chattin n so did GYZ... couldnt stop till 2.15am... Silver Jess still havent get her homework papers so I'll help her... I had hard time explainin d question styles to her... either Im tellin d wrong way or she's blur... I got no idea... OMG... My arm is bigger... the protein is workin...LOL.

I woke up late n took breakfast durin lunch n Jess was shocked 2 hear it.. (Not Silver Jess) She came back a while after loiterin findin me Im still online... Dats my life here... I duno wat I did but I just wasted time like dat... The stupid rain ruined all my plans to loiter... FUCK U RAIN....
Sorry if I'm usin vulgar words too much... Im way too used to it... Its not vulgar to me anymore... Juz d way I express stuff... too much white n black man movies... Guess wht? SilverJess is Tian Yitt a.k.a Danny's fren... both worked in Genting... small world... very small...tiny...micro...ok dats too much. At 5 i went to find a place to photocopy... and walah.... It was sunday n shops were closed... So it took me a few freakin around d tiny town till I finally found 1... N then rushed to Ghany thinkin I was late... I dun like 2 keep ppl waitin n luckily I didnt... she wasnt there yet... I ordred Milo ice... (oh oh passion killing floor is playin rght now) n waited... she shows up wif a fren n he was really quiet... Kent was his name, n he was great guy... So was Silver Jess... Vry frenly n we coffee talked till 7... Imagine- I intro myself to her in mandarin class when I saw her alone... got her number n later her msn... we chatted in msn few times n 2day we spoke like good frens... weird... seriously... I always thought life is weird... Me, Kent n Silver Jess took dinner 2gethr n we were talkin about all sorts of stuff... n omg there were really cute puppies runnin about there... if only d place i stay allows..shit. Silver Jess asked me 2 comeby 2 her place 2 do d exercise so me n Kent got my bike n went to their place... Kent guided to write the damn freakin complicated words... I duno what I'll do w/out him... TQ Bro... I owe u... Got bck home at 9.30 n d exercise still havent been completed... Kent I need u more... wait, Jeevan oso knows chinese... Need 2 grab him...muahahahaha... or stephen... since lan yue declined... Got here n registered 4 maple story but couldnt start playin... my crappy hand destroyed my beloved rubix cube... NOOOO!!! N then I video chatted wif silver jess while updatin my blog... so its takin a long time... She didnt show her face... but I did see Kent ... sexy... I promised him I wont tell anyone... soli... Lene? Wht d hell? She's there too!!! LOL. Like a said... tiny world... So at least they kept me company via video... while Im stuck in 4 walls n a door... Now? Im listenin to LP and chattin to Li Wei... I wonder when she gonna let me sleep...LOL. Gd nites... Thnks for readin.