My 21st Birthday Surprise

 It was kinda long time ago since we had our last BBQ so me and my buddies suggested we should have one soon. My birthday was around the corner so we made the BBQ for my birthday.
The Preparations:

Besides Yin Yin singing to stop the rain there were other preparations up ahead, such as shopping and preparing the speakers, and BBQ pit. I was so in a rush I even got electrocuted by Ramesh’s speaker. Lucky it takes more than that to kill me.

-Why ladies should marry us. We make good husbands. And good looking ones too.
The Party:
It rained, and I was freaking pissed of it. I was wishing people will show up and lucky most did. Slowly the crowd gathered and there was the usual poke and burn BBQ scenario. It was fun and I was so unaware what was up for me next.

-Surprise 1: Yin Yin surprised me with a cake. A was definitely not expecting that. Tears almost rolled out and they got me off guard at that time. When asked to Vishnu about my cake before that, he said cruel things to me and then there was my cake! Plus Yin Yin even hired two tall build body guards for it and her own boyfriend as the camera man. Thanks Yin Yin and her dear helpers.

-Surprise 2: Yin Yin started smoking! Victor!!!!!

- One thing I know was what I wished for that night didn’t happen. No I didn’t wish for sex.

- I can see Victors hand at the back there. Wait for payback bro.

-I was bullied to hell, they made me beg for my food!

After a certain time, Due to overconsuming carbon weird things (besides cancer) started to happen among the guest.
-Mira and Caroline turning cannibal on Sheryll!

-Doyou was turned on by watching hot chickens! I knw he liked beastality but then???

-Connie forgot to pose with us! Connie?! After all the people!

- Carmen and Alicia cheated on their boyfriends! I know I was hot, but then I feel so sorry for their guys. :P
Well weird things happen always but supernatural things as well? Few of Nicole shots prove the existence of the world beyond ours is real.

- Look closely, besides me and Eddie being long lost twins, there is another entity between us. Evil and frightening it seemed. Probably, me and Eddie were not the only lost ones.

- A sweet couple photo turned horrid when the picture was processed. A mysterious toyol was seen jumping around them. Sadly, after seeing this picture the poor couple was diagnosed with Maple Fever and can never be cured.

- Japanese television turned real. As I was enjoying the night, a cake hungry JU-ON grabbed my hand! The JU-ON was dressed in black and prettier then the movie version.

The party was definitely awesome for me, and after BBQ it was booze time!
-Navin gave me what I really loved, a weapon… but I was so small but to make up to it, it was Tensa Zangetsu! An awesome zanpaktou.THX BRO! Disappointingly no matter how hard I try, I couldn’t do Tetsuga Tenshou with it.

Sheryll thought I was pervert or probably a horny guy so she got a T- Shirt that suit me well. Thanks Sheryll.


The Gathering....

The Makeover! Look at Liow's face! He is more then happy to see me like dat!

My poor Bday Hat was left all alone....


Hauntings- A Warning?

Most of you may call this a coincidence, some may call it a warning, and I believe it’s a good creep material to write about.
We all have the moment right? Where we sit down in a group and chit chat about things when the teacher is not around. Well in my class it happens way to often whether the teacher is in the class or not. It was during my form four, when I was still a non-believer as I haven’t got the sense I have now. The gang was talking about ghost stories and encounters among each others. And then there was me and few others who were the critics as we were the non-believers. The stories went on until there was a heated argument whether ghosts exist and there were lots of vulgar criticizing going on.
All of sudden a house sparrow entered the class. Well, house sparrows do visit us quite often but then this time it was different. The sparrow flew towards the ceiling fan and “bang”. Its headless body flew towards us and landed by our feet. The head flung out of the classroom.
We were all shocked. There was few seconds of silence in the class, and we were looking at each other’s faces like… “Dude? What just happened?”
Marni took the lifeless sparrows body away to bury it but we boys were all scared the shit out as for us, that seemed like a warning to shut us up.