Happy CNY

Well, This is my first blog n I thnk I hav sunthin 2 write... Tomorrow I'll b goin back to kampar, the ALL BORING KINGDOM n 2day is da last day of my break... I was packed for this CNY, although I'M NOT CHINESE.... Lol. I lft early from UTAR, on Thursday(22nd) nite n it was hell of a nite... After finishing my mandarin tutorial lessons I packed my bag n made my way to the bus stop... i waited for 2.40 hours n no FREAKIN bus showed up... To make matters worse I was stuck with a gay... U know the fashion designer sort of lady guys... God was testin my patience... I was alone wif dz gay, n then d gay started 2 intro himself to me... He then chatted chatted chatted non stop... I tried to b nice n gavin to conversation... who know? If he/she gets angry he might rape me.... N im not prepared to loose my virginity to a she-guy... I was really hopin d bus to turn asap but .... Then d gay asked me 4 my number.... imagine my fright... I've been a fighter for 8 yrs now but gays n monkeys r still my phobia... I told him/her I dun hav a phone... wat a dumb gay... He believed me... This is d 21st century... Babies, grannies n corpses own cellphone, If ur superstitious, even ghosts own one... He/she thnks I dont.... LOL. Then d gay lft... I made my way by foot 2 d nearest bus station, which is around 3km in a silent nite, highway-like road, beside a chinse cemetary... only thng could make it scarier is rain n howling wind... luckily, it didn't happen. But thnk about this: How many of those drivers who saw me gonna go thinkin I'm a ghost! LOL.. The funny part is I DUN KNOW WHR D BUS STATION IS... So, a godsend gav me a lift there n by luck I was 15minutes early 2 d last bus 2 Ipoh... I finally made it there n dropped dead till d nxt mornin 4 d bus 2 SP. Friday's bus was awesome... knw why? there was dz hot chick sittin beside me... N damn it was good start... she slept s soon s she got on, so no time 2 talk, i fell asleep soon after wif H.I.M playin in my ears... when I woke up I realised I was leanin on her n so was she... I let her lean but only a few minutes b4 she woke up... we chatted a a while n we were in SP... Back home I updated my emails n hang out wif Keviin... Dats my Friday.... Saturday, my cousins came by 4 a visit n dn my uncle... Sunday Keviinn came by again... we wnt shoppin n he hung out in my place till nite.... Monday, i got my terrapin a nw aquarium 4m my uncle's place... n then there was all the cleanin n sum household chores... at nite I hung out in Old Town's. I met Li Wei n Cheah Yin on d way but told them I wanna but sumthin n let them go 1st... Guess wht I bought? Weight Gain Proteins... Then I joined d gals includin Chia Chien... Man, dy keep gettin hotter. Kim Kiat was late... Eh sern was even more... We chttd, jokd n took pics of each other... dey find it humorous when I try 2 catch up wif deir mandarin... mor when I talk. Went back home n watched Rocky Balboa till I doozed... Tuesday was a bore... nuthin 2 do so I just watched tv n played games... elyse invited me 2 hr place... Keviin was gone n Adam is nw my enemy... so I skipped d invite... Wednesday was great... I was about 2 meet d frens I missed 4 a long time... I picked up Danny at 7.40 after gettin present for Venus... he was a lady... goin here n ther, puttin on this n dat n wasted 20 minutes like dat... his nieces were cute n nice... bullyin me wif deir Hi's n Bye's n speakin in Mandarin... I didnt get a word they're sayin... I was afraid to use my mandarin for the sake nt to scare d live out of d poor kids... Me nm Danny sumhw found Jess's house... only to see her standin on top of a brick n screamin like a lil gal... Then thr was d reunion wif Venus n Sek Chen... Jess introd me 2 her new frens whom I dun really remembr d names... But hey, Jess is lukin prettier... so do all d gals... Venus is however gettin plummer.... i didnt hav d heart 2 tell afraid she mght go squellin like she did d last time I told her... Chi wei... a gal 4m d same National Service camp of mine but we jst got to know each other... Clearly her hyper long eyelashes were fake... N then Hui Wern n Yueh Ling joined us.... Yueh Ling was suprisingly quiet... may b cz Chi wei was noisier... Jason n I chatted n h gav me advises like a Big Bro... Great Guy... The steam boat was.... steamy... I've neva been a fan of such food but since Jess invited I couldnt say no... although I did felt let out in d language when dey talk... Although could understand a little n i couldnt join them... After d meal it was poker time... I didnt understand a shit dey playin till yueh ling explained it to me... LOL. Then go back time was celebrated wif a cake tributed to Venus on her belated Bday. N i ran 2 retrieve d present I bought 4 her... Jess's sister luks jst like her... wif few differences... Luckily. No pics on d day... SAD.Then on d way back me n danny got lost...LOL. But found our way back home... D day was dat... of course I went bck n slept... n 2nite me n danny n d other boys will celebratin in BBQ park... I will keep u up wif dat.

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  1. Cool,
    You were saying you want to get a blog ...
    Now you got one ^^

    Just don't put the same BG image as mine k,
    I'll Kick your ass!