Tron : Legacy

I was waiting for it and wanted to watch it in 3D so much but sadly, Ipoh had no 3D for Tron. They rather show Gulliver's Travels in 3D. Ya, wtf right? I mean who would want to see oversized Jack Black taken by midgets in 3D when you can see cool ships, awesome bikes, and Smoking Hot Olivia Wilde in 3D? plus the superb glowing lights and gadgets would've looked much better! 

So off I went on gay-date with Navin and Sara. I rempit-ed all the way to Ipoh and asked Sara to join us. Me and Navin had 2 hours in hand before the show, so we hit the bookstores, being a professional young adult and then the arcade, being a lifeless young adult.

Yeah... two lifeless young adults take a smoke break before the movie....

Before entering, we just have to buy popcorn, dont we? So i got my Tron Legacy popcorn set which came with:
A cool Tron Legacy popcorn box

A cool Tron Legacy Cup

An annoying Tron Legacy Flash Light Keychain. Flashlight is okay... it was also suppose to be beep everytime we "whistle"... Bullshit... The thing kept beeping for every sound it hears and it annoyed the hell out of me! I mean, I purchased this to get annoyed... 

Oops... wait... I got this guy with my cereal box. Sorry, he's just lost... =D


Tron, with all the glowy lights, cool rides, hot chicks you would expect it to be action packed and stunning to leave you breathless scene to scene. Sorry to say, Disney made its mark by reducing action and focusing more towards the story alone. Yes, the actions in the movie were disappointing at times. Not all, but at times. It could've been much better. The bike race? You will only get it once! Instead the movie focuses on father and son relationship and towards the creation of Tron universe itself.

Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner replay their 26 year old character again. Ya, Jeff is back as Kevin Flynn and Clu while Bruce is back as Kevin's pal and defender Alan and Tron. You get to see them old and young.
The creater of Tron Kevin Flynn played by Jeff Bridges

The Baddie Clu, younger version of Kevin Flynn and Bridges!

The story is a continuing from the 1st Tron focusing on Sam Flynn, Kevin's son. If you havent watch the 1st one, here's the rep: 

So you have a little idea what it is about right?
So in Legacy, Sam follows the trail when Alan told his dad's mission before he disappeared. Sam ends up in Tron too and coming across the same enemy his dad met. Clu... younger version of Kevin. Saved by sizzling
hot Qorra and reunited with his dad, Sam tries to get back to the real world to undo Clu. That is basically the storyline.

Clu, the "Perfect System" created by Kevin in his image thinks Kevin betrayed him and turns against him and takes control of the game. His new plan? to get into earth with an army... 

Tron is the "Protecter" created by Kevin in Alan's image is more a guardian. But why his name is the game and the movie title? Noone knows... He barely has an appearance in the movie.
Quorra is some eyecandy!!!!!

This was my eye candy... Just look at that baby!!!

The movie could've been more better with more fight scenes and actions and more focus to others rather than the father and son alone. Even that was overpowered by the cool surrounding, you dont feel much of it too.... Well, minus the chicks, rides and effects, the movie would've been shit.... seriously.... so I'll give 3/5.....

Jolie? Nah... think again...Its Beau Garret with extensive make up...

Now you have seen the 1982 Tron's trailer... Dont complain too much, its 28 years ago! Im surprised Jeff Bridges is actually in good style back then. So yeah, lets take a look at Tron Legacy's trailer..

Give it to Disney to make a cool movie turn emotional... just like how it did Prince of Persia, and now Tron Legacy... At least it made a good job with the graphics and chicks... I wouldve cried if they looked like Miley Cirus!

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