Its Thaipusam!!!!

Okay, Im in a bus ride back to Kampar, while writing this. Not a nice rght… the motherfucker is not using the highway for god’s sake… I dunno wat time Im gonna be reaching Kampar. Crap.

Thaipusam? Not bad... I parked my bike at the Kampar train station n made my way to sp via train. Im still worried about my bike’s safety. Hope so it’s still there when I go back… Hopefully. The ride was well, borin as usual. Public transport are boring when u dun hav ny1 sittin beside you… in my case now, its an snoring oldie. Dad was already there at the Butterworth station to pick me… I went back home tired with the only thing lukin heavenly was my bed. But then next day I had to wake up at 3am coz had to go on the paalkudam pilgrimage. It’s embarrassing in a way, coz I had to carry a bucket or whatever its called considered small for my size… who’s lukin? In case u dun knw, it’s around hundreds to thousand people. LOLZ. Took a bath in d morning n our (Me, Sarvini n Dinesh) transporter(my dad) brought us to the temple via car… well ya… instead of walking… Hey it’s the modern era… we need to speed up for Lord Muruga. He’s waitin isn’t he? Why let him wait long? We arrived back home around 6 am after the pilgrimage. I went straight to bed … Dad woke me up at 8.30am coz wanted to go to bank to bank in some cash at my SSPN account. No use, Bank closed… So we just prepared n went to Penang… After hell of traffic congestion we finally made it. This year was less livelier than before and lesser good lukin babes. But there wer more tourist n more white chicks… After lunch mum went to donate blood. I couldn’t coz I juz donated a month ago. Guess wat? The cute chick from last year was there… workin on the weighin scale this time… Hw lucky… I spent the time stalking here wif my eyes n talking to Dk. Then I befriended a guy so we were talking… Hw am I to get the chicks number? The usual Hi- Hello? Guess not… specially with all my family around.

We went back home later, n after reading newspaper, takin my bath I finally thought I could get myself a good rest. But dad come back wakin up juz when I was about to dooze off. He couldn’t get any train ticket back to Kampar. So I went n got the bus ticket, for this stupid bus of course… dats my thaipusam… from now on I will be focusin the blog to GHOST stories or may open a special blog page for ghost stories… depends coz I dun wana mix it both together… there’s lot for me to tell n seems like more people are keen on reading ghost writing… See first eh… catcth u soon…Oh man the chick on d next seat is really cute…

Murugar KavadiGanesha Statue

Mum donatin blood...Lolz
Hi mum!!!

My favorite- Narasimma
The view from the top

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