Quick update (Tell u in details later)

IT tutorial... Borin.
Came home n chatted wif Vijaya
Told Jess couldnt pick her up, she bullied me for not pickin her for IT Lecture
IT lecture was fuckin borin
Stephen, Sheng wang n I get down 2 writin Pmalaysia report... till 1am...(giv u more clearer details n pics later)
Chatted wif Jess 4 while... she buly me 4 not sittin wif her at IT clss... EVIL WOMAN
Took a bath n went to sleep.

Woke up few minutes b4 Mandarin lcture...
Rushed there wif Sheng Wang...
Dumb lecturer turned up late
He was old, forgetful but funny...
Fucker talked mostly in chinese...leavin me n magen blur
Luckyly Jess translated 4 me... Victor was oso blur...embarrassing
Sent Jess back home...Lol, my helmet is too big for her...
Sent Sheng Wang at KTM... saw Chua n gang on d way
Sent Alicia to KTM wif her 3 loads...LOL
Saw Chua n d gang again...
Followed them for lunch (wait, Im suppose 2 b veggie!)
Now at home writin blog
Will go KTM in an hour... go home!!!

I will get this blog in detail asap...now runnin outta time.

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