Moments with Nature...

Sharing with you all pictures taken when I was so free walking around snapping this and that... Would love to hear your comments for me to improve.

Taken during a windy day in UTAR

The Place I am studying... for many who dont enjoy being here, I enjoy every moment here, coz life is Short to regret!!

One of my favorites... Storks and sunset!

This picture was a sudden switch... was planning to take him as he was standing but he flew so I distanced my camera waiting for him to glide into my screen for shot... turned out to be memorable catch!

Seriously, getting closer to the storks are freaking hard... Nature photography with a still camera is no easy job... =(

This is a freaking MI moment when I have to slowly creep through the bushes to get his pic. But before I can grab a good shot, he flew away. Well, at least I got this.

The clear sky is always a beautiful background...


Snail: "Zzz"

Snail: "Huh, What?Dude, who the fuck are you?"

Snail: "Stop it Dude, I am out of here"

Snail: "Dude, please, go get a fucking better thing to do!"

Snail: "Seriously dude, STOP FOLLOWING ME!!"

Snail: "Oh, Fucks"

A beautiful sight of sunrise, watching the rays get through the cloud... too bad my still cant do better....

There reflection of the rays on the lake... was golden

King fisher: "So you are done with the snail, and now me?"

A good timing with this Kitty in UTAR...

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