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Me and Shalini went to Ipoh by bike and had a Burger King dinner, met up with Sara, and went shopping. Shalini bought a dress and a book for RM 80. I bought 1 huge ass book and 2 Nat Geo Mags for only RM45 at Novel Hut! XD
This what a pig looks like when munching a burger.

Asian Culture  (ACS) Night... More Like Indian Culture (ICS) night!

The Organizers: Utar, Asian Culture Society
The Summary: They had a good opening but later on, the show started getting little way too draggy and became more of Indian Culture night. But then it was still much better than ACS Setapak. The Deco was not as goo as before but it was not bad either. The should have been more organized and equalized. But it was good.
The Goods: The Deco, The Technical Pretty much everything else but the bad (refer)
The Bad: Too Draggy, More towards Indian Culture compared to others, No Tea Time
The Verdict: 3.5/5 (Cost it was still enjoyable and was much better than Setapak's)

Me and my family... more racial mix than the show itself!

Finally got a pic with Luke... and I realized he was much taller than me!

Me and Elyse....

Bash Party.... Nightmare in UTAR Streets

The Organizers: SRC, UTAR
The Summary: Seriously, was waste of my time. I thinks so, Soon Seng thinks, Eveyone else who have been to good parties think so. Seriously, as soon as I enter in, I was like WTF.... am I in an empty hall? There was basically no Deco but some tiny papers on walls. And then when the Bands performance started most of us have to save our ears from bleeding. The Technical was pure blended SHIT! And then the lighting... The UV rays never reflect at all! There was no performance but band performance, and with a Sucky Technical, it was Hell on Stage. Last Band was so called Pros from an outsider Band. I agree their music was good, but Vocal, Please STOP SINGING. Most the time the vocalist tried to be Hardcore by throwing insults to the crowds, and the poor dumb people who didnt get what he was saying were basically enjoying the insults. I didnt know there were that much ppl enjoy being MUTHAFUCKERS! and most the time they are asking for more and praising the bands as if they just met Bon Jovi.... Seriously all these people have never been to a good band performance or a concert. I have been going for band performances since a kid and this was one of the worst I have been to! This were agreed by not only me, but all who are frequent party monsters!
The Goods: The only thing I can think is The Sexy Chicks
The Bad: Every thing
The Verdict: 2/5 (1 for effort, 1 for my presence there)

Me with my 'sis' Wan Theng

Me and Michele

Rachael, Mira and Me... Poor Rachael had a poor awkward moment... haha

Me and Soon Sengm who shared the grieve of the party together... we are also partners in Cyber Bullying.

Me, Shalini, and Sara.... 

Bani and I filled the event on what they missed... KAWAII POSES!!!

We continued being Kawaii!!

Me and Sara

Me and May


I am the new Vice!! Yeay!!!! thats all I can say...other than that, it was a normal AGM and a fun time with friends!

Me with CK...

Me with the Ex President.... Lai Yeen

Me with some of the members

Kidnapped by two Ladies!! 

And Lee Kheng and I will still work together....

I havent met her before, but she wanted a picture with me.... She is definitely having a good time in my awkward moment....

Pau Leng, our camp president....

Lee Keng. me, CK, and Pek Yee

And thats for now... more will be coming.... sorry for late update... I got lazy!

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