UTAR Advertising students are in for Battle for Life

No this is not joke... one reason to say so is because I am writing this wearing only towel and my hair is still wet after my bath and my face itches cause I haven't apply after shave yet. Why am I writing it after my bath? Because I don't want the ''umph'' to fade away yet! So be thankful or curse me for writing this but its all truth and scare that making me running around the room for the past few days.
     A few hours before the workshop around 4am in the morning, Soon Seng tells me we need to wear formal... hmm... okay. then he tells me we need to prepare a resume and portfolio.... hmmm.... wait.... WAT THE FUCK? Why Didn't he tell me that earlier? Cause he said later, and this was the 'later'!!!
After a short time running through my neurons I decided what I do in class... just go empty handed! I was dead tired to come up with anything that time!
    There I was woke up early and healthy in morning, hear the beautiful birds chirping, feel the sunshine in my room, feel the fresh morning breeze and moan for the lack of sleep and the early morning workshop! And then bla bla bla (the usual stuffs you do before going to class).
   Apparently Miss Ina told him it was block A, and walking into there I was struck with the dark side! Dilemma! between who I am going to be and who I want to be... There was another workshop about aquaculture going on! Shit!! on same day? WHY GOD??? WHY???????????
   But I was left with no choice but to choose "what I am going to be" and followed Ah Seng to Block H which was the actual venue. Don't ask us why we were in Block A. Lets cut the ''MyLife'' and jump to all of our lives now.
   Even at the beginning of the workshop, we realized what kind of trouble we are in. A filthy big one! UTAR Advertising students, how many of you know what is Kancil Awards? okay, lets make it more Simple... Name me ten Advertising firms under 20 seconds! FAIL!!!
                          So, there we are! bunch of failures. *clap* *clap*
1st thing I learnt was (from what I saw) Lim Kok Wing students and One Academy students are leading way beyond our reach. FUCK YOUR LAZINESS NOW! cause what they do for ad is so pro to us, makes our A's look like they can catch it with a chopstick! I am Fucking serious here!
            Firstly, they don't pile their assignments to portfolio... they make their own effort for one!
           Secondly, they don't think for an A, they think to differ....
           Thirdly, They don't need watercolors and damn color wheels!
           Fourthly,  They shine even before they grad!
           Fifthly, WE ARE FUCKED!!!!

So you want to change? Listen to Miss Ina lecture properly cause she seems to be the only Lecturer in our AV who understand AV as equal to the real stuffs! The not to be named some who teach us the text book crap, just do their assignments and pass their papers. And do EXTRA HOMEWORK! GOOGLE! Stop your damn PPS and TVBS shit for a while. GO AND GOOGLE FOR INFO! It felt like I was one of the few % of people who actually googles for info and reads all the craps whenever I meet people. You know how hard it is to communicate with people with only winter sonata running around again again? And then, take reference! google for the ads, watch them on youtube! find the images. Don't just go OOh AAAAH while u see it on FB! (I am somewhat, partially talking to myself).

What is in the Ad firm? Well, fuck the client part, I am not going to talk about that because me handling client will only scare them off. What I am interested in is the Art Department and Copywriting.

Thinking again, since I can write all the way until here and made you all read, I should try copywriting! YEAH!

 Love Blogging     (Blog, I love you, just most times I am on a work-trip away from you)
Write stuffs a.k.a. journals, poems,journalism.    (I love poems!)
Sue comes up thinks in the Toilet      (I came up with things in the shower... we are somewhat similar! No not that things! I mean Ideas!)
Read Books!     (I prefer mags! XD)
Be Kepo     (If its a gossip I will!!!)
Lines and Visuals must connect     (Yeah, I love playing connect the Dots)
Get a good Headline    (Bang Bang!)
Good grammar and writing skills (If I made you read this so far, I have done a good job)
Arrange Typo carefully      (I got nothing to say for this)

Now, if you want to be an Art Director, if you are better visually like prefer watching porn then reading porn or making a sex tape then to write your sex life may be you need this:

Brush up your photoshop, illustration or any art skills    (yeah, time to make your faces prettier!)
Must be appealing to everyone    (If you want it to be specially appealing to some people, your not advertising!)
Get more reference (as I mentioned, but get the good ones!)
Its all about reasoning
Figure out the bench mark of nice!
Things are ever evolving!
Visual communication must be powerful!        (yeah, like Norman's!)

So there you are fellow course-mates and this also might go for PR and JR students alike. So time to get your ASS MOVING!!!!!!!!

(Moving mine now, byeeeeees)

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