8 good reasons NOT TO PUT music/songs in your blog....

So I was going through few blogs just now, and found most of them have the MP3 application in their blog. Amused? No I wasn't. Annoyed? Very much. As a random blog- walker hear are my opinions why I think you should not put mp3 or Mp4 or whatever shit that screams through your speaker. No offense, but I think most readers would agree to this:

1. Because It Scares Us 
It takes time to load. So when it plays, it screams through out speaker. You know what? That Scares us off your page!

2. It Just Not Our Taste
You have a public blog. Means you have random readers. Means you have lots of different people with lots of different personality reading it. So ya, You think we all like your song? Please! It ruins our mood to read your blog. Sorry that not all of us listen to Bieber or Jay Z.

3. It slows down Page Loading
Lets accept this sad fact that not all of us live in high connectivity zone. Like my hostel here, some times loading your blog page with all those unnecessary apps, I can make my self breakfast by then.

4. Its Annoying
You know some of us listen to our favorite music while browsing right? Imagine we open a blog all of sudden our music have been remixed by another foreign song. You think its fun?

5. And sometimes we have to search TO PAUSE THE DAMN THING!
You create your page as you like. Place apps wherever you think its cute, and besides having trouble reading those fonts and getting shocked of that music, we have to search for your music app? By that time, I rather click the cancel button and browse to Redtube.

6. It fucks up our mood
Imagine Im pissed at my boss. And then just want to release stress through reading some blogs. And then suddenly, I hear I dude screaming his lung through my speakers turning the whole room chaotic.

7. It aint cool
Seriously people. You think just by having music in your blog it feels so cool? Why do you think the all customizable friendster got owned by facebook? Its your content that matters.

8. Its a blog!
Some blogs are private. There only ppl who may concern are browsing through. Good. Its your wish however you want to do your private blog. But when you do a public blog, remember your having us reading through. So just lead us read finish with ease! Its not Youtube!

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