3 simple reasons you should hate Justin Bieber

First of all, before I list down the reason, Just want to say:

So, yeah, Im not dead, I was stoning too much with my assignments, I chose not to entertain my blog for the moment. But I'm back now, don't know wether its for long or short but thats the way to keep you all missing me.

Back to the Topic. For this post Im gonna give you all 3 reason's why you should hate Bieber... Why am I doing this? I really have no idea. Remember the times you have when your listening to a good song then suddenly a kid pop ups in your mind and reminds you how he have ruin the era of good music? Yeah, that just happen to me. So here Bieber fans, there you go....

1) Unless your are 12, loving him makes you a pedo

Just look at him! He is damn kid! A KID! DONT YOU GET IT! OMG You pedophile! You dont care do you? First you guys love old men, now you love kids! make up your mind! How I knw he is kid? Look!!!!

Pedo bear obviously loves him... That's how most of you look like drooling over him! So yeah, it is as simple as that! Unless you want to compete your pedophile fetish with Pedo bear, stop drooling over him right now!

2) He is the reason Kurt blew his head off...

Lets face it whether you like it or not, Kurt Cobain was a genius and master of music. And he saw it coming! He saw the arrival of the monstrosity! He saw Bieber's birth! And Kurt did the only thing Bieber should've done to himself. He resorted to suicide the year Bieber was born. I bet Cobain is in hell watching us suffer right now and laughing his ass out... Haiz. Kurt! Why didn't you tell us???

3) Real men dont look like Bieber

Real Men look like this:

Bieber looks like this:

Seriously? That's the type of man you wanna go after? What is the world going into????

Oh wait, Pedo bear says he has a message for Justin Bieber and his crazy fans :

wait for it...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before ending this blog,

I bring you, the one and only VIP for this post,

Please Welcome,


Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen,

The END...


  1. wondering what that cats doin now

  2. Okay these are NOT legit reasons to hate justin bieber. Just because he is young and he sounds and looks feminine it doesn't mean that you should hate him. It's just who he is and he can't change that. However, i do not like him because he is a spoiled brat and he has no respect for other people (have you seen what he wrote in the guestbook in Anne Frank's museum?)

  3. Fuck you , bitch

  4. My momma don't like you !