Mechas all the way!

Shopping is dangerous.. seriously. Specially when I do dat, I end up wastin nearly RM200 for every go! and I only buy 2 to 4 stuff... wth? LOL... Recently I got myself transformers mechas... n dey are god damn freakin cool! the exact replicas of the movies! too bad, I only manage to collect 3 of them so far... juz recently got myself Rachet, not Rachael. XD. his pics are still unavailable, so srry 4 dat. The other two were Starscream and Ironhide. Damn, somebody bought Prime before I can get my hands on him! So next stop will be- Prime, Bumblebee, Black out, Jazz (late), and Megatron... Juz today I've ask my pal Kevin order me Gundam 00 desgner color n Exia MG... cant wait for them! Damn, Im a toy freak!
Hey, call me crazy but these are called collectibles! They are form of asets baby! My Gundam Dynames was only RM 74 when I buy it, but a store in Ipoh Pride priced it as RM 160! Imagine... more then twice d pirce within only few months! There is no need talk about my Red Frame, he was rare even by the time I got him.
In addition to both of them, I even got my self 3 Ben 10 figurins- Four Arms, Diamond Head n Stink Fly... I wanted collect them all, but seems out of stock! Haiz. Bye Benny!
N then out of curiosity I oso bought two jigsaw puzzles of Gundam. One with Gundam Zero Wing and the other is Gundam 00. its the 1000 pieces version. Whn I opened the box, I closed it back asap! Curiosity did kill this black cat! Damn! lot of mini puzzle pieces dat gona take me a long long time to do! Starting on it means sacrificing my assignments. So, not now.... let me brng it back home for sem break! All my toys so far have cost me more then RM 900.... could actually buy me a new mobile phone to replace the one I lost... but who cares? (Except my parents) I luv them! At least I got my self something educational too... like my Transformers Revenge of The Fallen's novel.

Lets start one by one on the stuff in my room. 1st is the BEN 10 serious. My Alien Coolection. Of course undeniably, many kids luv Ben 10... so do I, n I still watch it. Im not gona age anytime soon, thank you! This models were done by Bandai. Sounds familiar? The same company that came up with digimon and gundams, and also producer of lots of famous anime serious. Ok, intro is done... NOW Meet Diamond ppl. One of the most fav and famous character in BEN 10 during the early episodes. He is a crystal bodied alien bla bla bla....
Home Planet: Petropia
Species : Petrosapien
And of course, who cant remember four arms? The most favorite character for Ben in BEN 10. Not only he is macho, he is freakin damn strong...
Home Planet: Khoros
Species : Tetramand
I didnt even knw why I bought him! I havent even get him out of the box! I am plannin to sell him back soon... bye Stinkfly.
All the alien out on the first batch come with a stand a card containing some info bout them. The card also contains a secret wrd where u can read when insert it into the slot on the stand. If u are kid then U can take n play with the card and go whooooooooo about it. If ur an adult, dun embarass ur self doin dat. Juz keep the card. Fourarms comes with a bonus... a rock tat can be attacthed and deattached... to make look like he broke it... cool. But diamond and the others doesnt. Dun worry, Bandai managed to sell Four Arms in the same price as others.
Look wat I did to him! WAKAKAKA....

Carries one big rock....

And tears it up!..........
Oh, this guy cant even stand on his stand... bandai really screwed him up. Look at him... leaning in one way like trippin n fallin. HAahahaha. Everything in here is fix and the only part u can move is d arm n legs. Sucks because its less poseable. haiz.

The best part is, his crystal at the back can be plucked out. But then, its useless... why would the want it to plug it out for nuthin? Think Bandai! Think!

This is the Gundam Zero Wing Puzzle dat I bought... I really luv this Mecha, but then he is rare. So I would probably luv to unleash my dissapointment by completing him.
Woreva Gundam 00... also the 1000 pieces of puzzles. Got a big job to do for dz sem break.LOL

Got this stuff when I bought KFC X Meal... Hopin for the dog tag or wallet, but this not bad. I will collect them later. Distributed by Bueno Vista (Which so far have given me lot of stuffs includin Removable Tattoo, Cap, and so and so) its considerably in a good quality. After all, it comes with a meal, so I cant expect so much. hahaha.

This is the box of starscream... cool heh? The models were from Hasbro. An exact movie Replica, so because of dat, it is unable to transform. Of course, the transformable ones will be more pricier and less accurate.... I juz want somethin cheap... ok.. not really cheap, but then save more money so I can buy more! hahaha... Starscream, Ratchet and Ironhide costs me RM 59.90 each. I major burn in my pocket. But atleast they were cheaper then Gundams. lol.
Iron hide... U should remember him from the movie as the Autobot who had fancy weapons and was desperate to kill the chihuahua.. LOL.

Ironhide, out of the box. The parts were all rubber, and the mauevering was also kinda troubling. At first I popped his arms out during the unwrapping process... damn. Oh the tires? No they dun turn! LOL... Act, could've made it better by making it more manueverable and not only mould it rubber, but some in plastic too... But then he still can do a cool running pose coz thankfully, he has big feet!

Starscream is pretty much the same as Ironhide... but atleast he can move a bit more. But the sad part is, he have trouble standing... coz his legs are juz too small to support the upper part. Damn... Ratchet is still in the box. Havent got him out. But I dun think he is any much diffren from both of them.

Okay dats all... Im super sleepy now so bye. I wan jump on the bed n dream about lovely ladies... good nite readers. thnx for readin. XD

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