Designing Postcard... real pain in the neck!

It took me an hour to create this piece of trash. Seriously I was out of Ideas and had no mood to put in my 100% effort plus patience. Because the day was really dull and boring. I woke up and remembered dat I needed to go to the electrical store to ask him complete the lightbox. Me and Melody went to the furniture store a day before and bought a small shelf. We know relying on Navin is going to be really troubling since he is the last minute person. We told him to do it a week ago but he was still carefree. No time to wait. Better do it yourself if you want it. So me and Melody got into action. And after buying and giving the shelf to the furniture shop, Melody persuaded me to have dinner with her and her housemate. I didnt want (Well I kinda did want to go) spoil their moment but she made me go at last. Fun part was, Jessica was having steamboat at Juru too, along with Sek Chen and Hui Wern. Nice... all of us havin the almost similar moment. After the steamboat I was dragged to a drink party by Vishnu and also Melody(again). I said ok, but with one cond, DONT GET ME DRUNK! Its my fifth time on alchohol and b4 dz I was only drinkin bears. (HEINEKEN-TIGER-HEINEKEN-ANCHOR) Dz time it was chivas reagal n tequila. Details of all the fun we had will be updated later coz I dun hav all the pics yet. The next morning I woke up sleep deprieved and tired. I finished up the lightbox and only thing to do was to brng it back home.I cant remember wat happened later but wat I knw was I had dinner with Jia Ling and Stippie. Had a good time there. Specially bullying Jia Ling. XD. I planned to take her to Pizza Hut but all was ruined by the sudden rain. We shifted to MM. After the dinner I was back at Melody's startin on my postcard. Melody did a goodwork on her christmas trees but sad part is her PC hanged halfway making her lose all her work. Victor was there too, designing pumpkin by downloading it from the net. WTH? I did mine finish but it took me 2 hours juz to brainstorm and come up with an idea to design.
The whole thng ended at 3 am. It took me long coz I was chatting(specially to Fern about her killer intention), lazying, facebookin and designing at the same time. LOL. Next day I woke up an hour before class, finished my sketches in half an hour and printed out the materials before heading to class. As usual, I was 15 minutes late. My final work? Was like crap.(Specially if compared to Navin's) It looked like dz: (lol, something happen! the colors changed! XD)

LOL. something is really wrong with the color! HAHAHAHA....
I will try my best to do a real good work for the next one... with 100% effort and less distraction!

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