Back home n back here again!

One plus day trip to home juz for fun, n coz dad misses me so much... pretty nuts. Didnt feel like going home at all! But it was a worthwhile trip though. I'm sitting on d train ride back to kampar now, writing this on my microsoft mobileword...I was photoshopping with my notebook juz a while ago but she died from full life to none at all juz within few minutes! WTF? So boredom led me to this... cz I cant fall asleep no matter how hard I try. I took a bus back home on saturday morning. Imagine my surprise when I knew Zhi Wey was going back too... I wished hard for it to be the same ride back, and it was! "happy" Navin sent me off at 11.20 after having breakfast, n z.wey was there a while later. D ride back home was nice... She asked about all d stuff happening to me, n I told her all, didnt hesitate. We chatted, camwhored, slept, listened to music till we reached penang. She was freezing all d way, luckily I brought in my coat (Lucky Coat!) n I let her have it.... but she stained it with twisties... Luckily it was her... On my ride to Butterworth I was surrounded by 3 hot white chicks! Dey were pretty, but super tall! n huge! I accidently (seriously, it wasnt on purpose!) one of them, n she almost (unluckily) fell on me... Once again god shows d world is small... I met ari at butterworth bus station. But couldnt really chat coz I was in a hurry to take a ride back to SP.Sorry man! Back home, I was freakin hungry, N luckily mum made cucur cempedak... my fav! After I watched transformers with D.kay Dad brought to seafood dinner... family time. I tried doing my movie poster after heading back, but ran out of ideas, so went to bed. Woke up pretty late d next day.... n had mum'm mutton curry as breakfast before getting back to designing d movie poster again. But then, I went blank... I was so pissed at myself, I rolled on d floor till I fell asleep... woke up still pissed, so I needed a cure. SHOPPING! Called D.Kay n Cousin Shamini n My stupid sis along, but then they both went "If she goes I go." so I said, U both no need go, I go... So off I went to village mall with D.kay which happens to have a PC fair, knowing Im loaded dz month... (Jia Ling was at PC fair too in Kay Hell! N both of us actually bought d same type of stuff!hw cute!) I bought a 500 gb HD n a 2 gb Pendrive, burning RM 320 in my pocket, plus a dress n a present for my WASTE-BRO'S-CASH siblings adding another RM 100. I juz realised my HD was china made! damn! better keep d old one as backup... cant trust china mades! As soon as I went back, I packed up n had a light dinner. Dad drove me to butterworth at 7.30pm. On d way he told me he was planning on to build a family bungalow which was to start this year or next. We will meet up with the architect during my sem break... I am freakin happy! Cant wait for the sem to end... but then when it does, I cant see Jia Ling d. T.T She is on d way back to kampar now too... wish her a safe journey back. Z.Wey will be back 2mr... she was attending her father's prayers. I'm sorry I couldnt confide u sooner, Im also sorry I couldnt spend more time with u dz sem, most of all I am terribly sorry I forgot ur bday! I cant believe I did! I duno how!SORRY! Feel so guilty! AAARGH... Must've been coz I lost my hp earlier... N PLEASE STOP reminding me bout dat coz I feel like an asshole everytime U do!I promise I wont forget next year... Forgive me K! I knw u will coz u sayang me... WAIT! I dun recall u wishing mine last year!Did u? Ouch.... typing in keypad is freaking tiring... n d guy seated few seats next to me is freakin stiff! hahaha....

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