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sorry for the long, long, looooooong lost me... 12 000 hits?? wao... didnt know I had dat much readers... or was it silap tekan? lol....sorry er... I was kinda busy with no PC.... all apologies coz my laptop was stolen 4m my room when I was sleeping... yes, while I was sleeping.... I was damn tired dat day, havent slept for 2 days n juz came back 4m jogging wif mira... 3 am... n I did my presentation slides, watched a movie n b4 I knew it, it was 7am... so I woke Ramesh up, n i went to sit on my bed... sit changed to sleep... next thing I know, I woke up seeing my door was open... I wanted to check d time, so tried to reach for my hp... couldnt find it so I tried pulling d charger cable, only d cable came... no hp! so I searched my whole room n still couldnt find it... then I tried calling d fellow, no line... so I know wat hapened... I wanted to online on msn n ask my for frens to be beware of my number... only to see my table was empty... no notebook... only d cooler was ther! I felt like running around shouting around my room! Navin,Vishnu n Ramesh help me lodge a police report... I called my dad n told him nout it... he was cool... but my mum nagged n shouted as if I asked d thief to rob me... zzzzzz.... Dad got me a really good pc... hehe... thx DAD LUV YA....

Btw... as for a start again, I send my condolence for my fellow uni mates who were victims of drowning.... one of the worst way to die, as I could imagine... I 1st heard the news around 7:40 from my dad, and I read it in the news... turns out one of the victim was a fren of my good fren's gf... the stupidest thing I could do was to greet her with a hellow, even after knowing she grieving over the fren's death... whack me pls... my reflex are always faster then my brain.... The news was hot yesterday morning, with James having fan sites and memorial gathering was held at basketball court last nite... Although I didnt know d victims personally, I joined in, lighted candles for them and sent my prayers...wishing they will find peace... death is a certain in this cycle of life, everyone of us face it... and it reminds the others how precious life is to others. I know it better, facing it more often then you can imagine. Sad that they have come to theirs tragically and more soon than us... but if it is wat it is destined to be, then none could change... thats wat I believe....

The News:

Bodies Of Three UTAR Students Who Drowned At Kampar Waterfall Found

KAMPAR, Nov 2 (Bernama) -- The bodies of three Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) students, who had drowned at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall, here, were found late Sunday night.

Kampar district police chief Supt Abdul Aziz Salleh said the victims in the 5.30pm incident were male students Yew Ghim Chnieh and James Wan Kai Khor, both aged 20 and from Penang, and female student Yew Shy Gin, 21, from Sungai Petani Kedah.

Yew Shy Gin's body was found at 11.10pm, and the other two bodies, at 10.20pm and about midnight.

The first body was found about 300 metres from the spot where they were last seen and the second and third bodies were discovered not far from where the first body was found. All the three bodies were sent to the Kampar District Hospital.

However, another student who was also swept by the strong current, managed to swim to safety.

Abdul Aziz said a search and rescue operation following information received was immediately mounted by the police with the help of a fire and rescue team and villagers.

The incessant rain, the swift current and darkness had hampered the search operation.

A witness, Syed Sarudin Syed Shamsuddin, 41, said the incident happened after heavy rain at the waterfall area.

"My three children and I had sought shelter at a hut on the river bank while the three victims and others continued swimming in the river.

"The water level rose slowly before I heard a loud gush of water pounding on the rocks and saw four people being swept away by the swift current," he recalled.

A villager, Razali Abdullah, 32, said he was nearby at the time but could not help the victims as the current was very swift.

"I heard cries for help and saw three people struggling in the swift-flowing water," he said.

According to Razali, the UTAR students and others seen picnicking there about 3pm were advised by the local residents to go home as the waterfall could be dangerous during the rainy season.

Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and state executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon visited the scene of the incident Sunday night.

Dr Mah said the 22-year-old second-year accounting student from Kuala Lumpur who survived the incident only had minor injuries.

The incident happened a week after three primary schoolchildren drowned in the Kampar River when the suspension bridge they were walking on with several other pupils collapsed.


weird, to think of it, that they can go to waterfall during rainy season, and ignore the advice of the locals... haiz... they didnt realise wat was ahead of them and it is too late to regret. I feel sorry for them, and their parents,realtives and friends. And come to think anything can happen anytime to anyone of us.... so let us cherish the life we have now, every second so to never regret when we let our last breath...

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