A special wish to a special person

Today you turn 20... congratulations gal... Happy Bday, may you have the best of life. A few month ago, I wanted to make this day memorable to u. Too bad couldn't make it. The things that screwed up the happy moments we had, made me think I should not. Its in the past and I'm still stuck in regret. Moving on but your always in my head. Your special to me. More then the other girls that have shadowed passed me. I dunno why. But its just me. Just how it is you. I see you happy now, and Im very much happy to see that way. Always hope that the smile in your face will last long and forever. Just want to say, although it may seem like I'm avoiding or ignoring you, I am not doing it on purpose. Im sorry. Im not prepared. Im very afraid, To hurt you again. Just want you to know that I am always there for you, just like I was when I spent my first few months with you...

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