Hauntings- The Housemate

This story was told by Victor to me passed from several other friends. I believe it is one of the spookiest one can encounter with the undead.
It happened here in Kampar, in Westlake houses, so residents in Westlake, sorry to scare you.
There was this girl who needs her housemate to accompany whenever she needs to washroom in the night, and she lived in the ground floor. Ground floor rooms have their washroom outside of the rooms.
During the exam season last semester, the housemate happened to have finish his exam earlier then her and went back home. Being a habit to her, she forgot he went home and knocked on his door asking him to accompany her. He did appear and did accompany her.
Half way in the washroom she realized the real housemate have went back home and the one standing outside was not him. She was scared out of soul and didn’t know what to do. She told “him” it’s okay and he could go back to his room.
“He” answered her back saying he can wait, and then asked her whether she already know that she already know who he really is. What happened to her after that, I didn’t know.
I put myself in her place and told Victor, if I was her, I would’ve wasted my time until morning before I go out of the washroom.
“Sweat, ghosts don’t need doors stupid!” he answered.

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