Hauntings- whispers

This is one of my personal encounters that I find quite disturbing. It happened during my early form six. During my spm break while waiting for my stpm intake after my PLKN I got nothing much to do except loiter,read, and play. My parents didnt really allow me to find a job because they were afraid it may distract me away from study. So with 12 hours of free time daily I got into many stuff.
I was always fascinated with all the supernatural stuff after the certain moment where I had lots of weird encounters. So during my free times I googled for more infos on them and even bought books about them. I began reading all these and was really into it. During these time was also when I was listening to rock metal bands and I was fascinated by their lyrics a lot. One thing most rock bands, cults and cultures have common was Satanism, which I was attracted to most.
I began to get involved deeply into Satanism culture and I was really admiring it. The logos, the cults and all...
After few months of really gotten bad. I began to carve pentagrams every where and without me realizing.... plus I was having so much pleasure doing it. I began to admire blood, watch gore stuff which weren't my favorite at all. But thats not yt scary. For few nights when I go to bed, I hear whispers in my ear. Of an elderly man, but talking in language I dont know but then I seemed to be able to understand him. The whisper was close to my ear, but yet far from me. I couldnt sleep, for few nights as these whispers kept on disturbing me. The voice chanted, and spoke, and was very addictive. It was asking me to come with him.
Somehow after knowing things are getting bad, I avoided all the stuff I was doing. I try to gain control and slowly stopped. And after I thought bout it... wat was it? for those who read supernatural stories and encounters and well aware of satanism may know wat it was.
When all things seem to have stopped, last year the whispers were heard again. This time a little girl, crying and asking for help. She was also talking in a strange language that I seemed to understand. This was only for a night but still as creepy.

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