Juz some recent updates....

I came back home after study break, and found this:

My slippers jz became a chew toy for stray dogs... Mira and Doyou told me they found it in the middle of the street. I mean, why mine? Was it because the color? Or was it because the Brand?

My New Toy:

yup, I managed to solve it many times... Got it from Crispy!!

And I even visited their website... I felt like I was back in pre school...

We went to take some pics!!

My Still Camera can do it!! In Bad Quality!!

I looked drunk...

well, check out  my lashes... they are long! XD

Doyou promotes kuah rojak?

Yes,I am blogging about absolut bullshit!!

Eddie or Surin?

The Golden time where Eddie was spammed....

The Golden time where Sara Snored!!!

This baby was hanging out in my bedsheet.... creepy beauty!

MJ wont rest in peace even at death... hahaha

while chatting.... He is there

While Gaming he is there....

I mean seriously... "purely coincidence"? Ya fuck it!!! That is so MJ!!!

Eddies says:

Yo mama so fat???? (Check the browser search)

Victor stumbles with the best newspaper report ever!!

erm... isnt that their job to do so???? WTF is happening to journalist nowadays???

And I became:

Vin Diesel!!! 
Okay... maybe more like Ghandi, as Mira says.....

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