Malaysian Democracy

I was reading my 
Com Theo notes just now and came across this part 
talking about Malaysian democracy system. 
Seems we Malaysian have a bad democracy system. 
Check it out:

Malaysia is at the bottom of a list of 
‘flawed democracies’ in the new 
Democracy Index developed by the 
Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) 
of the Economist Group 
(publisher of the Economist,
 a British newspaper)
Grading 167 countries out of 192
Malaysia scored low due to:

-Women limited political participation 
(10% of Par. Seats)
(most the ones we have only say yes to the men)

-Restrictions on political demonstration
(Political demo? shoot the tear gas! ISA!!!!)

-Censorship of print media
(Even teletubbies will be at stake soon)

-Government policies favouring ethnic Malays (Quota)
(There wont be Obama miracle for us.)

-The Internal Security Act (indefinite detention without trial)
(The only place the rational people go...)

-Corruption, Nepotism, Bias
(Its just political business)

The other Democracy countries...

FULL DEMOCRACY (28 countries)
Sweden, Japan
(The countries we should go to.... MANGGA!!!)

FLAWED DEMOCRACY (54 countries)
Malaysia, Bolivia, Mongolia, Sri Langka, 
the Philippines, Indonesia..
(Refers to fragile democracies where 
political participation are 
very low and democratic cultures weak)
(The countries we are stuck with...)

HYBRID REGIMES (30 countries)
Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia
(Refers to a regime that has some 
characteristics of a democracy 
and some authoritarianism, 
and not clear one or the other)
(Well, at least there is no ISA but cool nght clubs!)

North Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, China
(Countries that hell will sound safer...)

News article 
Jacqueline Ann Surin  (There's the charm) 
in the Sun on Friday, Nov. 24 2006)

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