Sorry for the delay... I was just busy doing nothing at home! =D
what can I say, I get 50% lazier than what I already am once I am at home, so you can't blame me for it. Sem break is boring. Most the time I am on the PC gaming or on the TV watching something or on the phone texting. Talk about tech life. But I still manage to go out with some home buddies to pass time. Most the time I was with Sangar, and other times was alone. But I did met with Vnoth and Gurnen recently. Wow, after three years! Time passes like.... time.... Yesterday I was out with Vishnu and Sangar for snooker and a drink and we had a hell of funny game.

Life is about laughter and happiness... so why are you so serious?
I jokered my sister's golden Barbie....

Trivia Question:

What Am I doing in the picture?

a) I am on the PC doing watching porn
b) I am on the PC just staring at it
c) I am on the PC, definitely not in my room

answer is: C
that is definitely not my room

What am I doing there? On the PC? Guess?
I am typing my report for the police, and teaching him how to type too....
Seriously... how many of you got a chance to do that? I did!

Me and Vic went to report about the internet scam we got conned with (Yes we are noob, thank you) and this old cop was just too old for the keyboard... he typed it one by one finger by finger and I cant stand it. He insisted me to type later.... Vic was secretly snapping this picture, after all this is once in a while moment!! LOL. He was such a nice guy, and the case is a simple case, BUT IT HAS BEEN 3 MONTHS NOW!!! WTF IS MALAYSIAN COPS DOING??????????

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