Man... Life has been Boring.... seriously.....

I am trying my best to recall a story to tell but nothing is coming!!! For the fact I was blocked by FB for commenting on all those SS sad people who were uploading and begging people to vote for them in a useless page where hobby-less people create so they can score some extra chicks who are extra dumb to advertise themselves in there. I mean seriously! You think you look good? You need people to vote for you? adore you? drool at you? fantasize you? Go join a beauty pageant or a worthy competition rather than to waste you pitiful image on sites like this where you upload your own pictures and ask people to like them. I mean, for god sakes, uploading your own pictures? That is sad wei!!! very very sad!!! More sad than the 2 dumb pigs who got the house blown apart!
For those who are victims of their friends uploading their pictures into such sites, I am okay with you. Your friends probably thought you look good enough to match against these sad people or they hate you so they have ruined your life.

Even if you plan to post, please post a proper picture taken by expert photographer for portraits rather that taking your 'act cute' personal pics to public! Seriously, like this guy over here... He wanted it to be studio pic. But he was just sadly bad at photoshop to cheat us.

I mean, come onla, if you think you look good and worthy of competing, do compete in style. Do it in competitions.
Who cares if you cant qualify? You had the confidence to try!!!
I rather not see sad people uploading pics in sites another sad person who was just bored created... who wish to? Unless you are another sad person craving for cheap fame.

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