Some shits just don't know they stink....

And thats how we should do it...

This is a sad sad sad story about the finding of a rare species humanity that just seem to get into fucks and just cant get enough of it. Faced it before, fucked them off before, facing another now, and this is a more stubborn version.

Seriously, some people don't get the fuck that something is wrong with them. I don't get it that if they are problematic or just sadly retarded.  Those poor endangered rare species troublemakers should just SHUT THE FUCK UP!

"If you are having problem with all those around you, they are not the problem.... YOU ARE"

'Want to be perfect and successful' is confident, 'Want to be Superior and Dominant' is what I call assholelism.... of the word doesnt exist? add it Oxford!
They walk around complain this and that, compare this that, comment this and that, and want just to be perfect smart angels and live like prince. Well, welcome to reality, fairy tale is over, bedtime was just now so you can just shut your shit mouth, and just mind your fucking life than to fuck with others.

I mean, here I am minding my own life, with my own buddies, own babe, own family, own everything and these lifeless fucks just cant get enough and have to bullshit around about me thinking they are just so great. What the fuck did I do? Do I owe you anything? No fuck right? SO SHUT THE FUCK!
Stop messing with something not related to your life. Oh sorry, you probably dont have your own life, well its time to get one... go go... need some help? let me teach, basic thing is to shut the fucking mouth of yours. Secondly, If you got a problem just face it like a man/female or whatever sex your are (if you still remember). Stop putting a fake smile, stop being all dramatic and stop being a fucking loser just to to win.

Thanks for learning....