Soon Seng's Birthday!!!

A late update on our dear Soon Seng's buffday!! Yeay Seng! Ur 22!!!!!!! We went down to Ipoh for a nice dinner and chilled out at Station one. A simple bday celebration... Aiya Seng, u big boy d no need so grand la. =P Here are some pics we took there....

Moments I look really fair... OMG... I can almost compete with Seng and Mira!

No, we arent gay...

The menu was destructive..

Wat was this suppose to be?

Carbonara Spaghetti

Want some Pizza??

Groupie w/out Vic

Bday Boy!!!!

Still sane after the meal...

Going insane few secs later

Hensemnya aku!

Coolnya kami

She is pretty to the photographer's effort... (Me of course)

He is handsome for the same reason she is pretty! XD

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