LOGITECH R-20 and Apple Green EP-8… new babes in the house!

It started out a normal dinner between me and Stippie. Suddenly I felt like shopping and asked Stippie wether he wanted to follow me go Tesco, the only fantastic, huge pretty aad complete shopping mall you can find in Kampar.(Yes, I am Lying) And you know what? You find the world is really small because everytime you go there you will surely bump into your friends! FANTASTICO! Ok. Back to story… So me and Stippie went shopping at the only shopping complex in Kampar. After a strole, I asked the electrical department about my camera… I gave it t repair after Sheng Wang broke it. It was still not repaired! They haven’t even sent it to repair yet for god’s sake! I was freaking pissed off! Now got to go back to Tesco tomorrow to screw the other idiot who was responsible for it… Stippie shopped for titbits and I ended up buyin nothing from there. I went take a look at some speakers and tech gadgets and Tech-shop and found two things I was looking for! Plug-In earphones! And and affordable audio system! Logitech R-20!

The Earphone:

Apple green EP-8

This baby comes in many colors, but I chose white coz it is my favorite color! Apple Green is only RM 15, the cheapest plug- in earphones I can find! The quality is not bad. Although the sound is a bit sharp and not as accurate as my ex… Sony… Lol. Of course it won’t be as good as her…The length of the earphone is around 1.25cm… More then enough for me. Though the sound is little bit strange, it’s really loud and gives an almost equal amount of head banging my Sony Ericson plug- in gave me! Plus its 60 bucks cheaper! Wohooo!

She dun really fit with my MP4... but who cares?

Logitech R-20

Of course I didn’t expect much from this baby. She was affordable so surely not going to produce the best sound quality. Although she is not Altec Lansing or Sonic Gear, she was Logitech! Not bad! I couldn’t wait to get her home, strip her out clean, sit her on my table, plug her in, and bang loud music out of her… Hahaha.
The 1st song to play was from my all time favorite band- HIM : Passion Killing Floor! You could hear this song in transformers as it was on of the background music. From then till now I’m still banging all my favorite songs with her. The sound quality is not bad, but its not loud! “sad” Logitech R-20 is not too loud and not too soft. She comes with a manual book, a paper asking me/us “what do you thin?” and a warranty card… She don’t use U.S.B but uses an adapter, good for me because I’m out of U.S.B ports! Kinda fine with me. The sad part is you can’t control the bass. Its kinda soft! Where’s the fun in that? Haiz. Like I said, she only cost me RM 89… half the price of an Altec Lansing. Its nice to hear rock songs from her rather then RnB…As long as she can make some noise, she is worth banging… XD

Alright, her specs:

Total RMS power: 12 W RMS
Subwoofer : 6 W RMS
Speakers : 6 W RMS (3 W x 2)
Total peak power : 24 W
Frequency Response : 40 Hz- 20kHz
Speaker : 5 cm high excursion driver
Subwoofer : 10.2 cm high excursion driver
Speaker : 19.7cm x 7.6cm x 7.6cm
Subwoofer : 19.1cm x 14cm
Signal-to-noise ratio : > 70 db

She comes with:
2 satellite speakers
1 subwoofer
Audio cables
2 year manufacturer guarantee
1 year Tech shop guarantee
User’s guide
Some cardboards
One useless sheet of paper that says: what do you think?

The baby freshly out of the box ^^

All set and ready to blast!

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