Best Prank Ever

After nearly half a year of suffering in my house in Westlake I couldn’t take it anymore and thought of moving out with a bunch of friends. It will be a whole lot of relieve from these pain in the neck. However I did feel kind of sad to leave a room filled with lots of wonderful memories, but then what is peace if it’s in middle of hell?
Badass facts about my house
1. I come home one day and find my mug is being used as their ashtray!
2. I sleep awhile and wake up to find my laptop and hand phone missing!
3. I’ve lost my spoons, forks, mugs and cups!
4. Most nights they are at home drunk, making noises!
5. Most nights some guy I don’t even know who the hell he is sleeping on my hallway!
6. I come down to class one day to find my motorbike damaged!
7. I come down to class one day to find my Helmet damaged!(twice)
8. My helmets go missing!
9. My slippers go missing!
10. My foods in the fridge go missing!
11. My Jack Daniels bought for my birthday is empty!
12. My friend who left his ice cream at my place goes missing.
13. My friend’s who visit me, their helmets and slippers go missing!
14. I get locked in or out of my room because of faulty door knob all the time!
15. Every month there is extra 50 bucks to pay to Danish coz of the damages my housemate cause! Making my rent RM 350!
So in my room was my heaven but since my friends and I wanted more family atmosphere we rented a room in Harvard and moved to there. So I thought it’s time I show I payback what my housemates gave me. You see, I’m an ex-Khir Johari student. Now those from Sungai Petani know well how badass Khir Johari students can be. Parents fear to send their children there, and students from Khir Johari automatically develop a bad reputation automatically among locals.
Badass facts about Khir Johari students
1. Most of us are rempits
2. 20% of us hate the other 75%, and we are not afraid to show it. Racial harmony is out of the question in Khir Johari as most Malays and Non-Malays can’t get enough of each other
3. It’s the birthplace of most gangsters and rempits in Sungai Petani
4. We have fights and gang fights few times a week and even teachers are not spared from punches. Discipline teachers are hit often when they try to stop any fights.
5. We had police patrol weekly inside of school. The discipline of the school is now on the hands of the cops.
6. Students visit the police station and more than any other school.
7. We’ve been in newspapers for fights and gang fights almost every year. Other than that we were also in for being hockey and football champs.
8. A new car of any teacher becomes a junk in a week.
9. You do smokes we do drug.
10. If there any other school students having fights elsewhere, we bug in for action!
Badass facts about me and my friends
1. We sent our math teacher crying out the first month of our first year.
2. We sent our PK Hem crying and shifting schools
3. Teachers hate us, our geography and Bahasa Malaysia rarely showed from form 1 to form 3. Most they show up was probably once or twice a week.
4. We were the most mischievous and noisiest students ever. Of course, we played sepak takraw, Beyblade, Yugi Oh, wrestling and many other games in big scales in class even when the teacher was around.
5. Any disciplinary action written about us on the record, out flies the record book.
6. We made paper airplanes using homework and exercise sheets, and polluted the whole school compound with it.
7. We don’t care caning of standing on tables, it’s a routinely punishment. Nagging and warnings from headmasters or head teachers are weekly visits!
8. We skip classes every day just loitering behind headmasters room, and we lompat school pagar more often than you skip class.
9. We even sold porno CD’s to our teacher!
10. We watched porno in teachers meeting room.
11. We broke in teachers room, sabotaged their desks including sanitary pads, bras and panties!
12. We are not afraid tell the teacher off straight to their faces… we hate them, they hate us.
13. I remember when I, Suresh, Satveer and Kumaris decided to die… we were surrounded by hundreds of Malays to hit us during a gang fight! Lucky call when the teachers arrived!
14. We weren’t allowed to do experiments in chemistry and bio classes causes we destroyed most of the equipments for the two years!
There are more to it, way more. I just couldn’t explain all or recall all in detail. And most of the pranks are worth blogging. After my form 5, we all got separated. I did my form six were I almost completed stopped being like I was. I was surrounded by good classmates and friends and I got adapted to it. Now I am older so there is more matured side to me. Just because I didn’t do what I did anymore doesn’t mean I forgot what I did. I still got the guts but just lots of hesitations not to spoil my name.
But my damn housemates are triggering me, so what I did? Simple, they want Jack Daniels I gave them Jack Daniels. My very own one. I filled the empty JD bottle and kept in fridge along with all rotten food. The JD smelled JD and looked JD. Then also did some other gross things.
The best part, some idiot drank the Jack Daniels the very next day. Man how I wished I could see his face after that! The idiot who drank my pee! HAHAHAA. Oh, you’re reading this? Come and face me asshole. I’m waiting. I just need to know which one of you doing all these to me.

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