Hauntings- The 1st Encounter

This was when I started to know I can feel the unseen. During my form five, I never attended a single Tamil class in school. I was sitting for the exam for SPM but then the classes were until 2.20pm, and I was not interested to spend an extra 40 minutes in school. Well, I wasn’t the only one. Arvind, G, Sangar and Vnod made up the gang.
We made lame excuses to the teacher and she being young and hot (she had huge jugs and an awesome body plus a sexy flirtatious face. What more do you need? She was the fantasy of most boys in school!), she gave us a chance by asking us to attend home tuition at her place.
A thirty year old single hot teacher calling us over for the night didn’t seem like study for us. It seemed like an episode of Naughty America. Lol
During her class, we come late, leave early and demand for ½ hour break. Even at study time we chit chatted most of the time, and yes she joined us as well.
There was once when after leaving tamil class early, we got ourselves Ramly burger and searched for a spot to sit and much. Most of the time we loiter by my house hoping my dad doesn’t notice it every time he drove passed me. Surprisingly he didn’t. But this time we decided to go somewhere else. We chose railway track by my house. There were two empty spooky houses by the track and one of them was rumored to be haunted by many residents there. The tracks are not so spooky anymore as they were before because there is a development going on. The houses are still spooky.
There was a small stream by the track and we sat beside it and munched down our burgers. We were making so much noise and playing around as usual. When we decided head back, Arvind and Vnoth(riding pillion) saw something on the track and started shouting before speeding off. Then there was G and Sangar who went “Ghost Ghost Ghost!” Finally when I crossed, I saw a white blanket like image floating in the middle of railway. I sped off as well.
We didn’t stop until we felt we were far enough. Since then I started having creepy feelings whenever I feel something was around me. So far I am always right.

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