For Sale - Coin Collection

 I didnt want to burden my parents by asking them to get me a DSLR and Im not working yet, n my PTPTN is only 50%, So I seriously need fast cash. Thats why I decided to sacrifice some of my favorite babes to collect for a DSLR. So if u all are interested on my coin collection U can have the whole album, pls give a call. The album is cheaper than purchasing the coins single. I have been collecting it since primary and was really precious to me but I am not as interested as I was before so I thought I might as well sell it away to serious buyers of the hobby.

The Album contains: (coin years range from 1960's to 2002)

58 coins in total

4 malaysian coins
4 indonesian coins
2 Denmark coins
16 Russian coins
3 Hong Kong coins
3 Japanese coins
2 limited edition european coins (Not sure of country)
7 Indian coins
14 Thailand coins
3 Singapore coins

The Whole album costs RM 2500

For more information about buying the album, pls email me or call me....
Contact info:

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