My First Accident!

Alright we all have our 1st time road accidents rght? I mean for constant road users we all probably have faced that unlucky day. Mine just came last saturday after five years on the road... was kinda late compared to my friends and family.
It was a shitty day to begin with. I had a replacement class for media planning on dat morning. I didnt want to go but Magen forced to, so I pretty much had no choice. After finishing a boring lecture in block I, I was on the way back home. Before I can sit on my bike, I lovely moth caught my eye end I ended up taking its pictures for quite a time. I was also suppose to Shee Leng to hand over some yoga documents at Block B. Only halfway taking picture I realised that and jump on my bike.
The bug that caught my eye...

I was on my exit way from block I, when suddenly a dark grey volkwagen reversed out from parking. The driver did see me coming from the back and expected me to stop or overtake the car. Kind of silly, and by the time she stopped my bike banged into her car. Lucky I managed to stop my bike in time either, or not the accident could've been severe. 
The first thing that tick me off was the fact that she was yet another clumsy lady driver! I threw my helmet on the road in anger, only seeing blood splashing out from my head. There was deep cut juz above my eyebrow and blood was flowing all over my face. I actually felt cool.
The girls from the car came down running, and were going "OMG BLOOD!"
The driver came down and started shouting in chinese first. Later she started to blame me for the accident and I got to pay for her car and all! I was like WTH? 

I got pissed and started shouting back at her. What the hell was she thinking? That she was the only one with a car?
After much talking and then we settled the thing to take care of our own expense. She was nuts. And few of her ugly friends too. But the cute ones were really kind. How I wished the cute ones were the driver. Haiz... 
My leg was hurting like hell, and my head was bleeding none stop, but the driver just drove off. She didnt even offer to send me to the hospital! WTH?
I rode my way back with one crippled and terribly paining leg. Then Vic fetched me to a nearby clinic. Sushi and Magen followed as well.
The doctor told me I need stitches, but also told me it mght look ugly. So I didnt want to stitch. The wound was small but deep. I wanted to let it heal on its own. My leg was a different story, I can barely move my rght leg... Both my ankle and my knee was badly injured. 

the scar to be...

The bleeding never stopped even at home

The doc's present....

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