Kellies Castle- Photographers in training

Me, Vic n Magen juz randomly thought of going to Kellie's castle in Batu Gajah to take random pictures for fun. Three of us, followed by Jon, Mira n Yin yin actually had a good time snapping pics. I tried really hard to get Kellie's or his wife's or his daughter's pic in the shot, but didnt get any. However we did get shots that worth the trip for. However only one of us actually owned a DSLR... Victor owned a Nikon D5000 while Magen and me owned Digital Stills Sony... (something) and Olympus Fe20 respectively. I hope to get one soon. ^^

Welcome Kellie's castle... Thx to the sexy hot model, d pic actually looks awesome.

As we were to have fun with our cammies, there were real experts on d shoot there. Canon clad 3 photographers and two models (wedding pictures I suppose), the male dressed in manskirt! Well, that explains the Mercedes CLK in the car park. A MANSKIRT!!! and  the female was simply gorgeous. Ladies like her make me change my mind to explore from event and travel photography to potraits!

Do you see what I meant by gorgeous?

She posed for me! She smiled at me many times! I was in love! @.@

Seriously, he is freaking cool. A man to wear a manskirt and model it is really some dude with guts! I actually chit chatted with him since he seemed bored while his partner was getting the limelights from the photographers. This dude is from Malacca. Dont ask me his name...

This following pictures were taken in the ground floor.. I spent so long admiring the babe, that I only manage to get few shots here.

Some people cant change... Doyou will never change

Our own personal model of the day, my mummy... Mira Soyza
She wasnt so in demand, so she let us take her pics for free... maybe more models should be like her.

Very random candid

anybody opens door when I knock on their door like dat, I would end up having a shock.

One staircase up and its the 1st floor halfway...
Again the really handsome model completes this picture awesomely due to his coolness. The other tribute goes to the photographer.

I manage to get a close up with this robin, I was so glad to get so close. Remember, Im not using a DSLR.

 Also another close up with this fella. But he is juz a common butterfly. 

Yin yin beside him... and he kisses Doyou. What was he thinking?

And now we make our way to the roof top.... where Kellie actually built the empty space for tennis and private parties... If I were to play tennis or party on top of there, I might have fallen to death long long time ago.
On the rooftop, is where MJ's wannabe train!

lonely emo gal.... well, she looks like it...

Dont jump Yin Yin, Doyou is just a spare!
Well U gotta admit, she is cute... (dont kill me vic)

No, she is not a high school student...

This is one cool pic!

Used the height and the edge to create a falling illusion, and I find it pretty much effective

The normal couple... (why I say so? keep going)

The Kiss... U have no idea how hard to take this...

The really odd couple vs the normal couple...

And now... things we do with the sunset:

Enjoying the sunset

Jumping over the sunset

Kicking over the sunset

Yoga over the sunset

Posing with the sunset

Hadouken with the sunset

Ending it with the sunset

And then there is the group pic!

And finally it was time to go back... ended? not yet... here are some post for fun pics we took before we wrapped it all up!

This picture was taken at night during a drinking party by Doyou... I really dig this!


  1. you should have a chatbox lar..ish..the use height to create falling illusion one is really nice. and...it's not a butterfly it's a moth..=.=