Navin's 22nd Bday!

Okay 1st things 1st. First of all Im very sorry to Navin to be late for the party. One of us was having some problems which dragged an hour and half away from the time the party started. But then to make up to it, we were punished to down chivas for a few secs. Victor was force to 10 secs, Mira n Doyou both 5 sec while I got 10 sec plus 8sec! Wat the hell? I know being late for my "wife's" bday is my mistake but to get me drunk like that is a sin! A SIN! Okay, lucky I wasnt drunk but after few bottle of beers and Bacardi apple I was already going high and smoking. Wat the hell, Bdays come once a year!!!! And here are some snaps of the party!

I see not only Navin is enjoying downing Vic...

How come he gets Bacardi!?

Me and the Bday Boy...
(He actually K.O'd his whole bday at my place!)

Daddy and Me

Bday receives his presents... I love the wrapping! Very suitable...

Navin gets a new undie and he is more than happy to receive it!
Me with Melody (so called other wife) and Vivien (Im surprised she didnt blur out!)

The guy that loves getting others drunk
Clockwise from top left- Sharwin, Vivien, Luke, Vishnu, Me, Eddie (my twin), Cassie, Ramesh, Victor, Magen and Sara
I finally befriended Sara after one year of bumping around...I wont forget his last name. Its Kumar baby!!

He sees something interesting, most probably a chic... XD 
Of all sudden the pub turned to club with the bunch dancing around for the beats... I even witnessed a rare scene!

Victor was dancing!!!!

Alrght, someone is not so good in photography. They mght have thought this adds cool effect but to me it looks damn scary! Scarier than Mira.
1st I thought it mght be an effect but later on I find the photographer wasnt so good with cams... see-
see wat I meant?

And there it is... The 2176 Family Pic... Grandma is missing... Butler K.O
From top left- Uncle, Eldest Son, Mummy, Daddy, Granpa and Me
From below left- 3rd Son, Last Son, Neighbours daughter... =p

This dude is shouting at something... Im guessing he is done for...

Alicia finds something very very amusing... weird that she was the only one laughing at it...
From Left- Wui Lun, Kenny, Carmen, Kean How, Bday Boy, Alicia, Me

I dont get it... why am I being squashed? AGAIN!!!?

After a while the bday boy K.O'd... we took turns to take care of him and Sara was doing most of the turns... Puked here puked there.. On the floow well an this his how we show him we care:

On how Vishnu show he cares:

On how Mei Fong shows she cares:

On how Caroline shows she cares:

On how we all show we care:

clockwise from left- Soon Seng, Vishnu, Cassie, Eddie, Doyou, Mira, Ramesh, Me, Luke, Vivien, Sara, Vic Sushee, Magen... Oh yeah Bday boy K.O'd in middle...

And he still can smile!!!

And our winners of TOP 3 K.O list: 
1. Navin
2. Elanoir
3. Kean How


  1. dude!!!awesome la...we r such good ppl..n btw...it is not a SIN...its a must..lol

  2. i love you guys... but still i hate you all.. i went down hard... =(