CLASH OF THE OLYMPIANS- which one rocks?

Im freaking bored today and feel very empty with nothing to do... So Im going to have fun comparing the Greek Epics that were made into movies and games and cartoons for fun... Last night I finally watched Clash of the Titans and find it not bad but wasn't that good either.

Well, basically the movie was rushed and too quick. It didn't defer much from the original version and of course the myths were off the actual stories. Zeus never raped Perseus's mum or did Poseidon rape Medusa. And no, he didn't save Argon from anything... To talk about the actual story might need me to blog another page since greek mythology isn't so short.
Lets talk about the title... It says Clash of the Titans... throughout the movie I didn't see any titans! Only time they were heard was the explanation of the great war in the beginning by the narrator. So why Clash of the Titans? 

Story-line wasn't really  interesting but it was good enough to keep you seated. Fight scenes could have been better and it was too short and was easy win over Kraken and Hades. Emotions were also hard to find. Perseus sorrow due to losing his family and babe was never in focus... All the movie wanted to show was the fantasy fights and God's horniness... (Rapist Zeus and Poseidon!) However put together with great acting, good graphics and interesting myth, the movie wasn't all bad!
Few things I find amusing are the hunters... they are funny. The fact that star wars looking Mr. Magician guy could have killed Medusa, but he suicided blasting himself instead and Poseidon just watched the brothers fight while he went to nobody knows where! Fact all you need to defeat Hades was to throw a sword. Oh yeah... the soldiers had iron abs! And the Queen was such a bitch so she deserved what Hades gave her! Witches talk a lot but was easy to black mail and most of all:

 "Kwaaaaaek What was I doing there?"


 Now for the Clash Of Greek Mythology!

Clash of the remake: 

Definitely this looks cooler...

Winner is: Obviously the 2010 version!

Clash of the Demi Gods:

Perseus from (Clash of Titans) Son of Zeus
looks gay... and his shield and sword are squeky clean and scratchless.... Not a fighter material

Perseus from (Clash of Titans 2010) Son of Zeus
Perseus looks like a real Hero... A man well adapted to the character...

Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson & the Olympians....) Son of Poseidon
Percy... Looks very.... Mummy's boy... He will be well suited in High School Musical.

Hercules (Hercules series) Very Popular Son of Zeus
Very...Very.... Supermodel like... what was greece? Modeling Agency?

Kratos (God of War Game series) Son of Zeus
This is what I'm talking about.. Drenced in blood, aggressive and determined. Thats what Demi-Gods should look like!

Winner is: Kratos... Noone can slay and kill like him.. And even had more emotions than Perseus (Clash of Titans 2010)! 

Clash of Medusas:

Medusa From Clash of the Titans
I can die of heart attack just looking at her!!! No need to turn me into anything!

Medusa From Clash of the Titans 2010
Despite the curse she is still looking like a babe... what's with the bow and arrow?

Medusa From Percy Jackson .....
She doesnt look cursed to me...

Medusa a.k.a Mira from 2176 (my house)
Definitely should be afraid of....
"wait till my hair turns snake yo!"

Winner is: No, not Mira... I will hand it to Medusa from Clash of the Titans 2010...
Clash of Medusa Killers:

Clash of the Titans 2010
Okay, this was one fight scene I find was nice throughout the movie... But why does Medusa has s feline face? Purrrr....

God Of War
Sliced and diced... who cares Kratos gets the head or not? He is just going to slice the bitch wherever he can until she is done for...

Winner is: Kratos... for his merciless medusa slaying

Clash of the Pegasus:

Clash of Titans 
Pegasus looks like statue

Clash of the Titans 2010
Black Pegasus looks cool but still looked like chicken like at some part...

God of war
Pegasus has flaming wings and pure white body... Fierce and Strikingly Beautiful!

Winner is:  Pegasus from God of War for its beauty!

Clash of the Zeus's:

Zeus from Clash of Titans
Never looked more gay

Zeus from Clash of Titans 2010
We need sunshades just to look at him! Liam wasnt a suitable character for god! He still looks young and human!

Zeus from Percy Jackson....
More like a High School Musical Teacher!

Zeus from God of War
Majestic, Tough and Simply God-Like! we don't shiny armors to look god do we?

Gandalf from LOTR says:
"Tsk... I would have made a better Zeus... Go back fighting with Light sabers Liam!!"

Liam Neeson says:
"Oh shit Gandalf... you noticed that was me? Don't tell anyone I was in Batman!"

"Too late, Xavier got into my head!"

Winner is: Zeus from god of war... cause he looks more god!

Clash of the Head slayers:

Perseus from Clash of Titans
Not bad... but he didn't look like he needed much effort!

Perseus from Clash of Titans 2010
Thats what victory looks like!!

Kratos from God of war
Well, its just a toy figure....

Winner is: The new Perseus for his dramatic portrayal!

Clash of the bitchy Witches:

Clash of Titans
They look like friendly elderly witches.... I wouldn't mind asking them anything

Clash of Titans 2010
Oh shit! This bitches belong in 300 or LOTR!

Winner is: The old Bitches.... I mean Witches. I don't think the new ones are safe to confide.

Clash of the Hades's Apprentice:

Clash of Titans
He looks.... UGLY

Clash of the Titans 2010
He is super strong and supercool with scorpion turning blood!!

Winner is: Well, ya... who wont love scorpion makers?

Clash of the Kraken:

Kraken from Clash of Titans
Looks like 4 armed King Kong

Kraken from Clash of Titans 2010
He was pretty cool and scary but died in embarrassingly simple way!!

Kraken from God of War
Got to admit he look gay compared to the Clash of Titan's version.... but He is much harder to kill then putting Medusa's gaze upon!!!

Winner is: Kraken from Clash of the Titans for his scary looks... but sadly was too easy to kill.

Clash of the Poseidons:

Poseidon from Clash of Titans
He looks less  gay than Zeus and he is in underwater... he can live with that

Poseidon from Percy Jackson....
A real HSM teacher face! But I like the part where he walks into the city in giant form and splashes into human size...very unexpected...

Poseidon from God of War
Very.... God-like

Winner is:God of war's Poseidon where he looks like a real sea god!

Clash of the Badass Hades:

Hades from Clash of Titans 2010
He looked very sick and weak and his underworld had really ran out of fires... no wonder he hated Zeus. He had to travel in Sea while his brother Poseidon watched the whole epic take place. I loved his wings....

Hades from God of War
Anyone can be as terrifying as this god? Now thats why he rules the underworld!

Hades from Percy Jackson
Cool Rockstar look really suits and since you still can turn into these:

You do rock the underworld!!!

Hades from Hercules cartoon says:
"Well duhh! noone up there is still better looking and stylish as me!"

Winner is: Hades from Percy Jackson... He was never shown cooler and scarier than this anywhere else.

And Finally, Clash of the trailers I stole from youtube for you to enjoy:

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