CNY 2010

Last CNY wasnt so bad... I wasnt as packed as last year, but it was not dat boring either. Well to tell the truth it kinda was for the 1st few days. So on the 15th me n my lil bro went to watch Percy Jackson n bla bla bla since it seemed nice. It was in the newly opened Cineplex in Village mall, which from outside didn't look bad. I bumped into Man Ling during the queue and we had a chit chat before it was my turn. The only ticket was left was in the front seats and I wasn't interested in those. So chose for the next show and me and lil bro spend the next few hours loitering and playing games in the arcade. During my time of premiere guess who I got bumped into? Zhi Wey... LOL... someone who I bump into too often with even fate and coincidence will laugh. And surprisingly I did suspected I might bump into her. We were heading to the same movie.

Well, the movie wasn't bad. All fantasy Harry Potter like... but then Greek mythology did got pretty mixed up here. Hydra breathing fire?

The next few days were boring... staying at home... doing nothing.... then the last day before I went back was when all of us got together... 

Few of us got together for lunch at Secret Recipe and one of the v.i.p in the gang, my dear sister Choon Ching didnt make it....

Me and Kim Kiat (my boyfriend! XD) 

Me and Tian Yitt (my best bud! XD) 

Sek Chen is getting bored....

Hui Wen didnt wanna show her face to the cam, so I helped her to look good!

And then it was game time! Arcade the whole afternoon!

Night there was steamboat at Chia Chien's place, Tian Yitt picked me up and then went to pick up lil sister miao miao (Pei Ying) and Chuen Chie up.
Dats how cats look like when bout to sleep!

Chuen Chie got turned on by something, check out the hamsap face!

We arrived at her place and were the earliest... being the very obvious BLACK SHEEP the 1st thing her mum asked he was wether I can talk chinese... yi dian dian auntie!
Three of us....

The other group.. poor kim kiat... his face was nearly missing!

After one year gathering I realised:

Pei Ying didnt get taller... the wall in back is still taller than her!

Tian Yitt makes a good househusband....

My man "The Milo King", "The Champion", "The Zhe" haven't changed a bit!

Li Wei was a mop....

And the steam boat was boring until Ah Loon slept....

Jus kidding... after one year, no gathering is boring!
After that the guys played poker till 1 am and I had mum calling me to go back early as the train to kampar was 7 am next morning.... I couldnt go even if I want to cause I came with Tian Yit and he was having fun... she was shouting and shouting in the hp... wth? Be a party pooper and ruin the reunion moment. Sad part is the guys were palnning paintball, and roadtrip and other fun shit but planned to do it some other day, since I am going back early. After planning all mum's nagging in mind, I went home to find dad was the one to open the door and she was already sleeping.... WTF?

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