What's wrong with improving?

So ya, my previous post was all teasing of a badly typed menu book, and now comes a even better one... I was just reading blogs last night and came across the chicks blog, (well, she looks hot in the pics) which made me laugh like hell... I bet my english was as bad as that during kindergarden. Okay, I know its cruel to tease about the bad english typing its not my point. I actually wanted to let this cute looking chick know that her english needs improvement. No, Im not a English lecturer but I am better than her so I can do my part by teaching her right? After all, I do to my friends and my friends and we take it openly as it is take and give knowledge. But then I saw her profile info that made me laugh my ass off!

♥ ♥ Wai Kuan ♥ ♥ 
Welcome to my blogger....Dun be laugh when viewing my blog ya..XD And no more comment towards my english level ar...Its my style...you dun like then dun see la...

LMAO! What is wrong with you babe? For the first, you didn't know the difference between blogger and blog. Okay, pass tense, future tense present tense doesn't seem matters to you cause you live in altogether. The best I find is the line after that... She is very unhappy with people trying to correct her. Seriously girl, its your style? I hope you consider what style really is. Making yourself sound dumb, I don't think it's a style. Lets pray you don't come across any proficient english speaking man who thinks your an E.T. Lets pray for the poor english teacher who went to hard time trying to teach this poor babe.  
And to the baby, yes girl you are hot sexy and whatever it goes, but consider a fact that you are blogging and its a world wide web which many can access too. Bad enough you are bad at an international language, worse that you claim your mistakes as style and refuse to learn from it. 

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