Some silly mistakes that restaurants should make on menus...

Dinner last night?was at mongolia.... yes thats what I addressed the place last night. I cant remember the name so sorry, but with so many restaurants to remember and all with complicated chinese names, of course you cant blame me...Although I have been here for dinner many times, I really didn't care to go through the menu before until yesterday. Me, Saravanan, his GF Sonia and Mira were going through the whole menu one by one. Was it that good? You bet it was! No many menu books can make you laugh until you can hurt you jaws or until you can pump abs. Seriously, next time you are starting a restaurant, let the experts handle the language, unless it was suppose to be a joke. Victor wasn't really interested to laugh with us. May be he was just busy wondering how much portion of mongolian chicken we are gonna get. And so here is our menu, I mean the menu which we find more than too good to eat!

See the highlighted... they serve:
U mean like bicycle pedal or boat pedal or some sort? what have been this people eating? And they have many varieties of the pedals. You can have them with pork...  (imagine pig and a pedal)... You can have them spicy with sambal or you can simply pedal with the pedal with prawns...

And they also serve:
Brijau and Barcoli... I wonder what they are... must have been a new world country.... sounds like a new team for EPL....

Would you like a :

Port intestine soup? May be you would... I wont. I cant even imagine how they are to cook a harbor!!! Only this people can do it!

You sure like to:

Get drunken home style!!!!

Or maybe?

Some Spinash... Eat this version and you will be stronger than popeye who eats spinach!!
Balasan... some payback for cooking!
best of all
you only get 4 beans!

Vege sir?
Give us some Ginger spinash and a colly? molly? dolly? sally? WHT???? 

and add ons?
We would like something that cinderella rode on... yeah the pumpklin, oh wait thats not rght! Oh its after fairy godmama cast the spell.... so okay!

For drinks:
er.... How do you pronounce that thing?

Half way through the menu, we realized we are in the wrong shop.. I know I said mongolian but I didnt mean the real mongols.... we realized they were cannibals!
who give a damn you got a cramp or not... we are juz gona steam u and cook you into our specials!

And they come with a local baby, maybe extra money could get you a foreign one, and a samba dancer fried!

Finally, one international multi-million ad still failed to proved to be worthless in!

PESPI! Your choice!
*Seriously they had the same spelling even on board! LMAO

Dont get me wrong... the food here is great... after all, it is exotic and extraordinary....  Maybe someday you will think twice before distributing menus... and I aint gona think twice to read them! 

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