Juz hanging out in Sungai Petani


The 1st sentence Navin and Soon Seng said after getting into the car was, SP drivers were scary... and after sitting there with me, I kinda proved their point. Seriously, I didn't know I was a scary driver until then. Ya I did mistakenly turn into the bike lane near PTK Mall, and got embarrassingly stuck there on our way to fetch Vishnu for dinner soon after, but who doesn't have such moments? After that I fetched Keviin and we headed to Kampian for dinner., my favorite place to eat.
In Kampian... the boys got introed to Sangar...

and Keviin... my home buddies.... white shirt is Navin!

Okay, too bad the dish was eaten bit... we ordered five (one missin in pic) good dishes that only cost us 9 bucks each.... compared nearly RM 12 in Kampar....
Dish Check- Seafood Tom Yam, Fried Egg, Kangkung Belacan,Fried Squids and Sizzling Japanese Tofu
Food in SP is cheap and much tastier than Kampar. But too bad the boys didnt get to eat out often, cause mum cooked new dishes everytime we came back home! We were going in- filling up-going out!

Butter is cool as ever... even I don't wear Adidas Shades...

We kinda got a ghost picture in my room... my own self... Im mysteriously shostly... n those legs at the front is still me...

So falls the darkness....
And was CC... we thought. But it was Thursday and since Kedah had "Malam Wajib" on Thursdays where you are to spend the night with family or having sex, all entertainment are closed....
But we did find a spot to CC and Vishnu and Navin wanted to smoke pot so much we thought fine... lets give it a try...

Surprisingly we bumped into some old pals....  another Navin and ... Kumaresan! I almost forgot his name... LOL
They were already there smoking so we just joined and I had my 1st puff there...

Kumaresan... A primary school buddy... and now he works in the same company as my dad and under him! Talk about small world.

Navin was gelojoh a bit, so he stole two pipes

Hell boy wanna be....

The only person remained smoke virgin that night was soon seng...

So horny Navin raped him while he showered!

We hanged out at Vishnu's place the next day and found he really had crazy ass stuffs.

For example:
His Weird Crazy ass fish

His Scary Crazy ass Dog

(I tried to pat that dog but it dashed to attack me! I ran back into the car!!)

And one and only Crazy ass Vishnu!


The next day we were out for paintball fun... but there were only few of us. Our tutor was pretty Chintana, Siamese babe. Poor Kevin didnt join us, he could have met his species.

Our Weapon....

Our Armor....
Looks like Halo!

Our Warrior!

Our Gang....

So since it was a small group we had a all man for himself match... and here are the soldiers:
The Invincible

The Stealth

The Strong

The Monkey....

The Cool Moving Blue

The Cool Shooting Blue

The Cool Posing Blue

Not so cool falling Blue

in few minutes everyone just teamed up... . Me and Navin were one and Vishnu and Soon Seng were one.Sangar was hopping here and there.
It was fun and addictive. The hot sun was burning us and we were all sliding, falling, hiding rolling over the field. Was fun and we kinda had 1% of feeling what soldier go through. Pain, but the adrenalin was pumping with excitement! I never felt so happy shooting my friends!
we had the banana leaf team! They didnt think much that shots can penetrate through the leaves!

Sangar learned it the hardway, with lovebite like shot wounds all over the body!

Standing in the open? Stylish yeah.... but your vulnerable...

Told you so!

He was the hardest target.... silent, stealth and also deadly...

Im all blue...from shirt, shoes to the gun! and my shoes tore....

The bonding and talking and aguing and laughing moment!

Sangar: Hmm... where can I buy this?

Navin was all happy about how he wasnt even shot once... so to feel our pain... we all decided to:
Shoot his ass!

And then was the pictures moment!
WHY ME?????

Yeah, skies are suppose to be blue....

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